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Liu E; valentine K; Batterham D; Stone W; Martin C; Parkinson S; Hynes D, 2023, Poverty and Australian housing: findings from an Investigative Panel, ,

Martin C; Lawson J; Milligan V; Hartley C; Pawson H; Dodson J, 2023, Towards an Australian Housing and Homelessness Strategy: understanding national approaches in contemporary policy, ,

Martin C; Hulse K; Ghasri M; Ralston L; Crommelin L; Goodall Z; Parkinson S; Webb EO, 2022, Regulation of residential tenancies and impacts on investment, ,

Nygaard C; van den Nouwelant R; Glackin S; Martin C; Sisson A, 2022, Filtering as a source of low-income housing in Australia: conceptualisation and testing, ,

Pawson H; Martin C; Lawson J; Whelan S; Aminpour F, 2022, Assisting first homebuyers: an international policy review, ,

Duff C; Randall S; Hill N; Martin C; Martin R, 2022, Enhancing the coordination of housing supports for individuals leaving institutional settings, ,

Leishman C; Aminpour F; Baker E; Beer A; Crowe A; Goodall Z; Horton E; Jacobs K; Lester L; Maclennan D; Martin C; Nash M; Pawson H; Rowley S; Stone W; ViforJ RO, 2022, Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic housing policy responses, ,

Ong R; Pawson H; Singh R; Martin C, 2020, Demand-side assistance in Australia’s rental housing market: exploring reform options, ,

valentine K; Cripps K; Flanagan K; Habibis D; Martin C; Blunden H, 2020, Inquiry into integrated housing support for vulnerable families, ,

Flanagan K; Martin C; Jacobs K; Lawson J, 2019, A conceptual analysis of social housing as infrastructure, ,

Crommelin L; Troy L; Martin C; Parkinson S, 2018, Technological disruption in private housing markets: the case of Airbnb, ,

Hulse K; Parkinson S; Martin C, 2018, Inquiry into the future of the private rental sector, ,

Hulse K; Martin C; James A; Stone W, 2018, Private rental in transition: institutional change, technology and innovation in Australia, ,

Martin C; Hulse K; Pawson H, 2018, The changing institutions of private rental housing: an international review, ,

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