Select Publications

Book Chapters

Hill C, 2022, 'Language of perception in Umpila', in Levinson S; Majid A (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Language of Perception, Oxford University Press, Oxford

Hill C; Ashmore L, 2020, 'Landscape categorisation in two Middle Paman languages', in Walsh M; Monaghan P (ed.), More than mere words: Essays on language and linguistics in honour of Peter Sutton, University of Adelaide Press, Adelaide, pp. 53 - 81

Hill C, 2010, 'Collaborative narration and cross-speaker repetition in Umpila and Kuuku Ya'u', in Baker B; Ilana M; Harvey M; Gardener R (ed.), Indigenous Language and Social Identity: Papers in Honour of Michael Walsh, Pacific Linguistics, Canberra, pp. 237 - 260

Hill C, 2010, 'Emergency language documentation teams: the Cape York Peninsula experience', in Hobson J; Lowe K; Poetsch S; Walsh M (ed.), Re-Awakening Languages: theory and practice in the revitalisation of Australia’s Indigenous languages, Sydney University Press, Sydney, pp. 418 - 432

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