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Poulton T; Hill C, 2023, 'Linguistic Descriptions and Cultural Models of Olfaction in Umpila and English', Language Sciences, 96,

Radnan MJ; Li W; Stevens CJ; Hill C; Jones C, 2022, 'Measuring engagement among older adults using a multidimensional approach to communication', Frontiers in Psychology, 13,

Hill C, 2022, 'Multiparty storytelling in Umpila and Kuuku Ya’u', Australian Journal of Linguistics,

Hill C, 2022, 'The irrelevance of scale and fixedness in landscape terms in two Aboriginal Australian languages', Linguistics Vanguard, 8, pp. 91 - 100,

Majid A; Roberts SG; Cilissen L; Emmorey K; Nicodemus B; O'Grady L; Woll B; LeLan B; De Sousa H; Cansler BL; Shayan S; De Vos C; Senft G; Enfield NJ; Razak RA; Fedden S; Tufvesson S; Dingemanse M; Ozturk O; Brown P; Hill C; Le Guen O; Hirtzel V; Van Gijn R; Sicoli MA; Levinson SC, 2018, 'Differential coding of perception in the world's languages', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115, pp. 11369 - 11376,

Burenhult N; Hill C; Huber J; Van Putten S; Rybka K; San Roque L, 2017, 'Forests: The cross-linguistic perspective', Geographica Helvetica, 72, pp. 455 - 464,

Hill C, 2016, 'Expression of the interpersonal connection between narrators and characters in Umpila and Kuuku Ya'u storytelling', Narrative Inquiry, 26, pp. 257 - 285,

Hill C, 2012, 'Wunderkammer Import Package: A tool for the creation of multimedia dictionaries for mobile phones.', Language Documentation and Conservation, pp. 282 - 291

Hill C, 2011, 'Named and unnamed spaces: Color, kin, and the environment in Umpila', Senses and Society, 6, pp. 57 - 67,

Hill C, 2010, 'Review of the book Discourse and Grammar in Australian Languages ed. by Ilana Mushin and Brett Baker', Studies in Language, pp. 215 - 225

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