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Hill C, 2021, 'The irrelevance of scale and fixedness in landscape terms in two Aboriginal Australian languages', Linguistics Vanguard

Majid A; Roberts SG; Cilissen L; Emmorey K; Nicodemus B; O'Grady L; Woll B; LeLan B; de Sousa H; Cansler BL; Shayan S; de Vos C; Senft G; Enfield NJ; Razak RA; Fedden S; Tufvesson S; Dingemanse M; Ozturk O; Brown P; Hill C; Le Guen O; Hirtzel V; van Gijn R; Sicoli MA; Levinson SC, 2018, 'Differential coding of perception in the world's languages.', Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, vol. 115, pp. 11369 - 11376,

Burenhult N; Hill C; Huber J; van Putten S; Rybka K; San Roque L, 2017, 'Forests: the cross-linguistic perspective', Geographica Helvetica, vol. 72, pp. 455 - 464,

Hill C, 2016, 'Expression of the interpersonal connection between narrators and characters in Umpila and Kuuku Ya’u storytelling', Narrative in ‘societies of intimates’, vol. 26, pp. 257 - 285,

Hill C, 2012, 'Wunderkammer Import Package: A tool for the creation of multimedia dictionaries for mobile phones.', Language Documentation and Conservation, pp. 282 - 291

Hill C, 2011, 'Named and Unnamed Spaces: Color, Kin, and the Environment in Umpila', The Senses and Society, vol. 6, pp. 57 - 67,

Hill C, 2010, 'Review of the book Discourse and Grammar in Australian Languages ed. by Ilana Mushin and Brett Baker', Studies in Language, pp. 215 - 225

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