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Mansfield DF, 2021, 'Plimpton 322: A Study of Rectangles', Foundations of Science,

Mansfield DF, 2020, 'Perpendicular lines and diagonal triples in old babylonian surveying', Journal of Cuneiform Studies, vol. 72, pp. 87 - 99,

Mansfield DF; Wildberger NJ, 2017, 'Plimpton 322 is Babylonian exact sexagesimal trigonometry', Historia Mathematica, vol. 44, pp. 395 - 419,

Mansfield DF; Dooley AH, 2017, 'The critical dimension for G-measures', Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, vol. 37, pp. 824 - 836,

Conibeer GJ; Green MA; Cho EC; Konig D; Cho YH; Fangsuwannarak T; Scardera G; Pink E; Huang Y; Puzzer T; Huang S; Song DY; Flynn CR; Park S; Hao X; Mansfield D, 2008, 'Silicon quantum dot nanostructures for tandem photovoltaic cells', Thin Solid Films, vol. 516, pp. 6748 - 6756,

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