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Barros Leal Farias D, 2018, Aid and Technical Cooperation As a Foreign Policy Tool for Emerging Donors, Routledge,

Barros Leal Farias D; Maia JNB, 2006, Do Nacional-Desenvolvimentismo À Internacionalização No Brasil Subnacional : O Caso Do Ceará., Livro Tecnico & IBRI (Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais), Fortaleza; Brasilia

Book Chapters

Barros Leal Farias D; Heine J, 2015, 'Reshaping the South Atlantic: Can the BICs Bring it About?', in Hamilton D (ed.), Atlantic Rising Changing Commercial Dynamics in the Atlantic Basin, Johns Hopkins University - Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies - Center for Transatlantic Relations, Washington DC, pp. 81 - 81

Barros Leal Farias D, 2013, 'Brazil’s security agenda – the focus on peace and the security-development nexus', in RISE OF THE REST: OPPORTUNITIES AND IMPLICATIONS, Dalhousie University, pp. 73 - 92

Journal articles

Barros Leal Farias D, 2020, 'Trade, conflict, and opportunity: taking advantage of others’ protectionism and isolationism–the case of MERCOSUL', Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, vol. 26, pp. 41 - 56,

Farias DBL, 2019, 'Outlook for the 'developing country' category: a paradox of demise and continuity', THIRD WORLD QUARTERLY, vol. 40, pp. 668 - 687,

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Barros Leal Farias D; Saddler J; van Dyk S, 2016, The Potential of Biofuels in China, IEA, IEA Bioenergy, IEA Bioenergy, Task 39,

Theses / Dissertations

Barros Leal Farias D, 2015, GIVING KNOWLEDGE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED: BRAZIL’S USE OF TECHNICAL COOPERATION AS A FOREIGN POLICY, University of British Columbia, Canada, University of British Columbia, Canada,

Barros Leal Farias D, 2000, Federalismo e Relações Internacionais, University of Brasilia,


Barros Leal Farias D, 2020, The politics of fire, from the Amazon to the bush, Lowy Institute,

Barros Leal Farias D, 2018, China and Brazil: Far Away, So Close,

Barros Leal Farias D, 2018, Lula: Brazil's Schrodinger candidate,

Barros Leal Farias D, 2018, Women’s votes might be the key to stopping Brazil’s far-right presidential candidate. Here’s why.,

Barros Leal Farias D, 2018, Lula da Silva is in jail — and he’s still Brazil’s leading candidate for president. Here are 3 ways that could turn out.,

Barros Leal Farias D, 2018, Jair Bolsonaro: the Brazilian Trump-Duterte mashup,

Barros Leal Farias D, 2018, Interview on Brazilian presidential election, ABC, Sydney

Barros Leal Farias D, 2018, Brazil's Divisive Election, AIIA,

Barros Leal Farias D, 2017, Brazil: the Next OECD Member?,

Barros Leal Farias D, 2016, Brazil’s Political Crisis: the Bright Side,


Barros Leal Farias D, 2020, Review of Rethinking global democracy in Brazil,

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