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Saini R; Mishra D, 2021, 'Smart Terahertz Wireless Communication Zones', in Ghafoor S; Husain Rehmani M; Davy A (ed.), Next Generation Wireless Terahertz Communication Networks, CRC Press

Prasad G; Mishra D, 2021, 'Green energy harvesting protocols for intelligent wireless communication systems', in Intelligent Wireless Communications, Institution of Engineering and Technology,

Saini R; Mishra D, 2019, 'Privacy-Aware Physical Layer Security Techniques for Smart Cities', in Rawat, DB; Zrar Ghafoor K (ed.), Smart Cities Cybersecurity and Privacy, Elsevier, pp. 39 - 56,

Prasad G; Mishra D; Hossain A, 2018, 'QoS-aware Green Communication Strategies for Optimal Utilization of Resources in 5G Networks', in Paving the Way for 5G Through the Convergence of Wireless Systems, IGI Global, pp. 186 - 208,

Mishra D; De S, 2016, 'Energy harvesting and sustainable M2M communication in 5G mobile technologies', in Mavromoustakis C; Mastorakis G; Batalla J (ed.), Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technologies, Springer, Cham, pp. 99 - 125,

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