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Nakagawa S; Ivimey-Cook ER; Grainger MJ; O’Dea RE; Burke S; Drobniak SM; Gould E; Macartney EL; Martinig AR; Morrison K; Paquet M; Pick JL; Pottier P; Ricolfi L; Wilkinson DP; Willcox A; Williams C; Wilson LAB; Windecker SM; Yang Y; Lagisz M, 2023, 'Method Reporting with Initials for Transparency (MeRIT) promotes more granularity and accountability for author contributions', Nature Communications, 14, pp. 1788,

Nakagawa S; Yang Y; Macartney EL; Spake R; Lagisz M, 2023, 'Quantitative evidence synthesis: a practical guide on meta-analysis, meta-regression, and publication bias tests for environmental sciences', Environmental Evidence, 12,

Burke S; Pottier P; Macartney EL; Drobniak SM; Lagisz M; Ainsworth T; Nakagawa S, 2022, 'Mapping literature reviews on coral health: Protocol for a review map, critical appraisal and bibliometric analysis', Ecological Solutions and Evidence, 3,

Macartney EL; Lagisz M; Nakagawa S, 2022, 'The relative benefits of environmental enrichment on learning and memory are greater when stressed: A meta-analysis of interactions in rodents', Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 135,

Macartney EL; Bonduriansky R, 2022, 'Does female resistance to mating select for live-fast-die-young strategies in males? A comparative analysis in the genus Drosophila', Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 35, pp. 192 - 200,

Macartney EL; Crean AJ; Bonduriansky R, 2022, 'Parental dietary protein effects on offspring viability in insects and other oviparous invertebrates: a meta-analysis', Current Research in Insect Science, 2, pp. 100045 - 100045,

Macartney EL; Drobniak SM; Nakagawa S; Lagisz M, 2021, 'Non-genetic inheritance of environmental exposures: a protocol for a map of systematic reviews with bibliometric analysis', Environmental Evidence, 10,

Macartney EL; Zeender V; Meena A; De Nardo AN; Bonduriansky R; Lüpold S, 2021, 'Sperm depletion in relation to developmental nutrition and genotype in Drosophila melanogaster', Evolution, 75, pp. 2830 - 2841,

Macartney EL; Bonduriansky R; Crean AJ, 2020, 'Frequent mating reduces male mating rate but not offspring quality or quantity in a neriid fly', Evolutionary Ecology, 34, pp. 915 - 927,

Macartney EL; Crean AJ; Nakagawa S; Bonduriansky R, 2019, 'Effects of nutrient limitation on sperm and seminal fluid: a systematic review and meta-analysis', Biological Reviews, 94, pp. 1722 - 1739,

Macartney EL; Nicovich PR; Bonduriansky R; Crean AJ, 2018, 'Developmental diet irreversibly shapes male post-copulatory traits in the neriid fly Telostylinus angusticollis', Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 31, pp. 1894 - 1902,

Macartney EL; Crean AJ; Bonduriansky R, 2018, 'Epigenetic paternal effects as costly, condition-dependent traits', Heredity, 121, pp. 248 - 256,

Macartney EL; Crean AJ; Bonduriansky R, 2017, 'Adult dietary protein has age- and context-dependent effects on male post-copulatory performance', Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 30, pp. 1633 - 1643,

Nicovich PR; Macartney EL; Whan RM; Crean AJ, 2015, 'Measuring Sperm Movement within the Female Reproductive Tract using Fourier Analysis', Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, pp. 256 - 263,

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