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Nathan G, 2012, '"Bettini, Saller, and the Taxonomy of Extended Family in Ausonius' Parentalia"', presented at THE MEDITERRANEAN FAMILY FROM ANTIQUITY TO EARLY MODERN TIMES, Rostock, Germany, 14 June 2012 - 15 June 2012

Nathan G, 2011, 'Claudian's Stilicho and the concept of Roman manhood', presented at 18th annual International Medieval Congress, Leeds, UK, 11 July 2011 - 14 July 2011

Nathan G, 2008, 'The Vienna Diosorides’ dedicatio to Anicia Juliana: a usurpation of imperial patronage?', presented at XV Biennial AABS Conference, Sydney

Nathan G, 2005, 'Control of Nature and Controlled by Nature: Anicia Juliana, Aristocratic Women, and', presented at Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of, Banff

Nathan G, 2005, 'Public Womanhood and Anicia Juliana', presented at Sydney Classical Association, Sydney

Nathan G, 2004, '“Pothos ton Philoktistou”: Anicia Juliana’s Architectural Narratology', presented at XIV Biennial, Melbourne University

Nathan G, 2004, 'Fledgling Mothers of the Church', presented at SSEC Annual Conference, Macquarie University,

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