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Dertadian GK, 2024, Addiction Research and Non-Carceral Approaches to Drug Use, ,

Dertadian GK, 2024, Prohibition, Colonisation, and Undermining Indigenous Rights, ,

Dertadian GK, 2023, S2 - Episode 3 - Research and lived experience: advocacy and social harm, ,

Dertadian GK, 2018, Pain isn’t just physical: why many are using painkillers for emotional relief, ,

Dertadian GK, 2018, Drug users in outer Sydney need another medically supervised consumption room, ,

Dertadian GK, 2018, Public housing ban on people with drug records likely to do more harm than good, research tell us, ,

Dertadian GK, 2016, Not everyone who takes painkillers for fun is an addict; some have just found a different way to cope, ,

Dertadian GK, 2014, Misuse of painkillers on the rise, but why?, ,

Dertadian GK, 2013, Our Casual Culture Of Pill Use, ,

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