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Dertadian GC, 2023, 'Is non-medical use normal? Normalisation, medicalisation and pharmaceutical consumption', International Journal of Drug Policy, 119, pp. 104123 - 104123,

Dertadian GC; Yates K, 2023, '“Overdose Has Many Faces”: The Politics of Care in Responding to Overdose at Sydney’s Medically Supervised Injecting Centre', Contemporary Drug Problems, 50, pp. 136 - 151,

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Dertadian GC; Caruana T; Maher L, 2023, '‘Grew Up with a Silver Spoon in My Mouth, But it Ended Up the Nose’: The Stigma and Labelling of Injection Drug Use in an Affluent Beachside Community', Critical Criminology,

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Dertadian GC; Maher L, 2014, 'From oxycodone to heroin: Two cases of transitioning opioid use in young Australians', Drug and Alcohol Review, 33, pp. 102 - 104,

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