Dr Gilad Bino

My Expertise

I have dedicated much of my research career to investigating anthropogenic impacts on biodiversity and freshwater ecosystems. My research has spanned across multiple scales of biodiversity from individuals to whole ecosystem. I have innovated and developed methods to deal with complex ecological systems to address the conservation crisis of Australia’s freshwater ecosystems. My expertise and collaborations with state and federal agencies have supported developing mechanistic understanding of ecosystem dynamics, quantifying the impacts of threatening processes on functions and socio–ecological relationships, and establishing conservation management frameworks. The Platypus Conservation Initiative is leading platypus research offering extensive expertise in monitoring and evaluating platypus populations and promoting its conservation.


Fields of Research (FoR)

Freshwater Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Conservation and Biodiversity, Wildlife and Habitat Management

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My Research Activities

  • Platypus Conservation Initiative
  • Global Standard for Wetland Conservation

My Research Supervision

Areas of supervision

Conservation; Ecological response, monitoring, climate change, environmental change