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Brodaty H; Aerts L; Harrison F; Jessop T; Cations M; Chenoweth L; Shell A; Popovic GC; Heffernan M; Hilmer S; Sachdev PS; Draper B, 2018, 'Antipsychotic Deprescription for Older Adults in Long-term Care: The HALT Study', Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, vol. 19, pp. 592 - 600.e7,

Popovic GC; Hui FK C; Warton DI, 2018, 'A general algorithm for covariance modeling of discrete data', Journal of Multivariate Analysis, vol. 165, pp. 86 - 100,

Renner IW; Elith J; Baddeley A; Fithian W; Hastie T; Phillips SJ; Popovic G; Warton DI, 2015, 'Point process models for presence-only analysis', Methods in Ecology and Evolution, vol. 6, pp. 366 - 379,

Prangle D; Blum MG B; Popovic G; Sisson SA, 2014, 'Diagnostic tools for approximate Bayesian computation using the coverage property', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics, vol. 56, pp. 309 - 329,

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