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Xiang Z; Yu Z; Kang W-H; Si G; Oh J; Canbulat I, Estimation of In-Situ Rock Strength from Borehole Geophysical Logs in Australian Coal Mine Sites, ,

Baatar L; Mostaghimi P; Yuan M; Armstrong R; Adler L; Canbulat I; Si G; Gaidarov B; Jing Y, Multiscale Gas Diffusion Measurements for Coal Characterization Using Bulk Counterdiffusion and Local 3d Imaging Methods, ,

Wang YH; Yang W; Yan F; Li Y; Si G; Lin B, Study on Coal Molecular Structure Characteristics on Methane Adsorption Performance Under Pyrolysis Treatment, ,

Duan Y; Si G; Canbulat I; Luo X, Temporal-Spatial Characterization of Mining-Induced Seismicity in the Vicinity of a Dyke – a Case Study, ,

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