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Saeed Khan H; Paolini R; Caccetta P; Santamouris M, 2022, 'On the combined impact of local, regional, and global climatic changes on the urban energy performance and indoor thermal comfort—The energy potential of adaptation measures', Energy and Buildings, 267, pp. 112152 - 112152,

Kassomenos P; Kissas G; Petrou I; Begou P; Khan HS; Santamouris M, 2022, 'The influence of daily weather types on the development and intensity of the urban heat island in two Mediterranean coastal metropolises', Science of the Total Environment, 819, pp. 153071,

Khan HS; Santamouris M; Kassomenos P; Paolini R; Caccetta P; Petrou I, 2021, 'Spatiotemporal variation in urban overheating magnitude and its association with synoptic air-masses in a coastal city', Scientific Reports, 11,

Khan HS; Santamouris M; Paolini R; Caccetta P; Kassomenos P, 2021, 'Analyzing the local and climatic conditions affecting the urban overheating magnitude during the Heatwaves (HWs) in a coastal city: A case study of the greater Sydney region', Science of the Total Environment, 755, pp. 142515 - 142515,

Khan HS; Paolini R; Santamouris M; Caccetta P, 2020, 'Exploring the synergies between urban overheating and heatwaves (HWS) in western Sydney', Energies, 13, pp. 470 - 470,

Khan HS; Asif M; Mohammed MA, 2017, 'Case study of a nearly zero energy building in Italian climatic conditions', Infrastructures, 2,

Asif M; Dehwah AHA; Ashraf F; Khan HS; Shaukat MM; Hassan MT, 2017, 'Life cycle assessment of a three-bedroom house in Saudi Arabia', Environments - MDPI, 4, pp. 1 - 13,

Khan HS; Asif M, 2017, 'Impact of green roof and orientation on the energy performance of buildings: A case study from Saudi Arabia', Sustainability (Switzerland), 9,

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