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Kha H, 2020, A History of Divorce Law, Routledge,

Book Chapters

Kha H; Henaghan M, 2024, 'Conclusion', in Kha H; Henaghan M (ed.), Teaching family law, Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, United Kingdom, pp. 209 - 212,

Henaghan M; Kha H, 2023, 'Introduction', in Teaching Family Law, Routledge, pp. 1 - 8,

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Kha H, 2023, 'The diversification of family forms and functions in the law of Australia', in Heaton J; Kemelmajer A (ed.), Plurality and diversity in law, Intersentia, United Kingdom, pp. 113 - 133

Edited Books

Kha H; Henaghan M, 2023, Teaching Family Law: Refections on Pedagogy and Practice,

Journal articles

Symons X; Kha H, 2024, 'An Ethical Examination of Donor Anonymity and a Defence of a Legal Ban on Anonymous Donation and the Establishment of a Central Register', Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 21, pp. 105 - 115,

Kha H; Ratnam M, 2022, 'THE RIGHT OF INDIGENOUS CHILDREN TO CULTURAL SAFETY IN THE FAMILY LAWS OF AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND', University of New South Wales Law Journal, 45, pp. 1367 - 1387,

Kha H, 2022, 'The unification of Australian divorce law under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1959 (Cth)', Australian Bar Review, 52, pp. 59 - 78

De Souza T; Kha H, 2021, 'Reproductive rights: foetal rights or female freedoms?', Journal of Law and Medicine, 28, pp. 1142 - 1153

Kha H; Cross K, 2020, 'Equal shared parental responsibility and children’s rights in Australia', UNSW Law Society Court of Conscience, 14, pp. 27 - 30

Kha H; Grant H, 2020, 'The rise of grey divorce: providing just and equitable property settlements for older women', Australian journal of family law, 33, pp. 161 - 181

Kha H; Rankin K, 2019, 'Mater semper certa est?: Reconceiving surrogacy law in New Zealand', New Zealand Family Law Journal, 9, pp. 172 - 178

Kha H, 2018, 'The spectacle of divorce law in Evelyn Waugh’s a handful of dust and A. P. Herbert’s holy deadlock', Law and Literature, 30, pp. 267 - 285,

Kha H, 2018, 'John Stuart Mill on matrimonial property and divorce law reform', Fundamina, 24,

Kha H, 2018, 'The vitiation of pre-nuptial agreements in the High Court of Australia', International Family Law Journal, pp. 145 - 147

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Kha H, 2014, 'Faith in the courts: the aggrieved faithful seeking standing in Australia', Bond Law Review, 26, pp. 148 - 165

Theses / Dissertations

Kha H, The reform of English divorce law: 1857–1937,


Kha H, 2023, In Defense of the Marital Family, written by John Witte, Jr., Brill, ,

Kha H, 2022, Tying the Knot: The Formation of Marriage 1836–2020, by Rebecca Probert, Oxford University Press (OUP), ,

Kha H, 2022, Fifty Years of the Divorce Reform Act 1969. Edited by Joanna Miles, Daniel Monk and Rebecca Probert. [Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2022. xiii + 295 pp. Hardback £85.00. ISBN 978-1-50994-788-1.], Cambridge University Press (CUP), ,

Kha H, 2018, Mark Lunney, A History of Australian Tort Law 1901–1945: England’s Obedient Servant?, Oxford University Press (OUP), ,

Kha H, 2018, Irish Divorce/Joyce’s Ulysses, Informa UK Limited, ,

Kha H, 2018, Prenuptial Agreements and the Presumption of Free Choice: Issues of Power in Theory and Practice, Informa UK Limited, ,

Kha H, 2018, The Church of England and divorce in the twentieth century: legalism and grace, Informa UK Limited, ,

Kha H, 2018, Mr Justice McCardie (1869–1933): Rebel, Reformer and Rogue Judge Antony Lentin Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, 2016, xvii + 202 pp (hardback £61.99) ISBN: 978-1-4438-9780-8, Cambridge University Press (CUP), ,

Kha H, 2018, Obligation and Commitment in Family Law. By Gillian Douglas. [Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2018. xxiv + 274 pp. Hardback £65.00. ISBN 978-17-82258-52-0.], Cambridge University Press (CUP), ,

Kha H, 2017, The modern judge: power, responsibility and society’s expectations, Informa UK Limited, ,

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