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Kha H; Henaghan M, 2024, 'Conclusion', in Kha H; Henaghan M (ed.), Teaching family law, Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, United Kingdom, pp. 209 - 212,

Henaghan M; Kha H, 2023, 'Introduction', in Teaching Family Law, Routledge, pp. 1 - 8,

Kha H, 2023, 'Australian Family Law Going Round the Twist: Teaching Opportunities and Challenges', in Teaching Family Law: Refections on Pedagogy and Practice, pp. 103 - 116,

Kha H, 2023, 'The diversification of family forms and functions in the law of Australia', in Heaton J; Kemelmajer A (ed.), Plurality and diversity in law, Intersentia, United Kingdom, pp. 113 - 133

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