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Wong HTH; Wang P; Sun Y; Newman CE; Vujcich D; Vaughan C; O'Connor CC; Jin D; Ogilvie E; Zhang Y; Mao L; Carter A, 2023, 'Is sex lost in translation? Linguistic and conceptual issues in the translation of sexual and reproductive health surveys', Culture, Health and Sexuality, 25, pp. 1 - 17,

Vujcich D; Roberts M; Gu Z; Kao SC; Lobo R; Mao L; Oudih E; Phoo NNN; Wong H; Reid A, 2021, 'Translating best practice into real practice: Methods, results and lessons from a project to translate an English sexual health survey into four Asian languages', PLoS ONE, 16, pp. e0261074,

Wong HTH; Jin D; Wang P; Sun Y; Mao L; Zhang Y; Ogilvie E; Vujcich D; Newman C; O’Connor CC; Vaughan C; Carter A, 2021, 'Using Videoconferencing Focus Groups in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research With Chinese Im/Migrants in Australia', Qualitative Health Research, 31, pp. 2757 - 2769,

Murray D; Mao L; Wong THH; Chen T; MacKie B; Kao SC; Mahee AH; Dabbhadatta J; Prihaswan P; Stackpool G; Brooks M; Brown G; Lewis D, 2020, 'High levels of engagement with testing for HIV and sexually transmissible infection among gay Asian men in Sydney and Melbourne: An observational study', Sexual Health, 17, pp. 121 - 128,

Poon CM; Wong NS; Kwan TH; Wong HTH; Chan KCW; Lee SS, 2018, 'Changes of sexual risk behaviors and sexual connections among HIV-positive men who have sex with men along their HIV care continuum', PLoS ONE, 13, pp. e0209008,

Mao L; Buchanan A; Wong HTH; Persson A, 2018, 'Beyond mere pill taking: SMS reminders for HIV treatment adherence delivered to mobile phones of clients in a community support network in Australia', Health and Social Care in the Community, 26, pp. 486 - 494,

Schippers M; Adam PCG; Smolenski DJ; Wong HTH; de Wit JBF, 2017, 'A meta-analysis of overall effects of weight loss interventions delivered via mobile phone and effect size differences according to delivery mode, personal contact, and intervention intensity and duration.', Obesity Reviews, 18, pp. 450 - 459,

Chan DPC; Sun HY; Wong HTH; Lee SS; Hung CC, 2016, 'Sexually acquired hepatitis C virus infection: A review', International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 49, pp. 47 - 58,

Wong HTH; Lee SS; Lee CK; Chan DPC, 2015, 'Failure of self-disclosure of deferrable risk behaviors associated with transfusion-transmissible infections in blood donors', Transfusion, 55, pp. 2175 - 2183,

Chan DPC; Wong NS; Wong HTH; Lee S; Lee SS, 2015, 'Impact of influenza A (H3N2) seasonal outbreak on the pattern of vaccination uptake in healthcare workers', The Journal of hospital infection, 90, pp. 354 - 355,

Wong HTH; Lee KCK; Chan DPC, 2015, 'Community-Based Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening and Increased Detection of Pharyngeal and Urogenital Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Infections in Female Sex Workers in Hong Kong', SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES, 42, pp. 185 - 191,

Wong HTH; Tam HY; Chan DPC; Lee SS, 2015, 'Usage and Acceptability of HIV Self-testing in Men who have Sex with Men in Hong Kong', AIDS AND BEHAVIOR, 19, pp. 505 - 515,

Leung K-K; Wong HTH; Naftalin CM; Lee SS, 2014, 'A new perspective on sexual mixing among men who have sex with men by body image.', PLoS One, 9, pp. e113791,

Wong HTH; Wong KH; Lee SS; Leung RWM; Lee KCK, 2013, 'Community-Based Surveys for Determining the Prevalence of HIV, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhoea in Men Having Sex with Men in Hong Kong.', J Sex Transm Dis, 2013, pp. 958967,

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