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2022, Proceedings of International Conference on Information Technology and Applications, Ullah A; Anwar S; Rocha Á; Gill S, (eds.), Springer Nature Singapore,

Book Chapters

Fung S; Lu X; Mykolaitis M; Razzak I; Kostkevičius G; Ozerenskis D, 2023, 'Anatomical Landmarks Localization for 3D Foot Point Clouds', in , pp. 627 - 638,

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Journal articles

Mazher M; Razzak I; Qayyum A; Tanveer M; Beier S; Khan T; Niederer SA, 2024, 'Self-supervised spatial–temporal transformer fusion based federated framework for 4D cardiovascular image segmentation', Information Fusion, 106,

Qayyum A; Razzak I; Mazher M; Lu X; Niederer SA, 2024, 'Unsupervised unpaired multiple fusion adaptation aided with self-attention generative adversarial network for scar tissues segmentation framework', Information Fusion, 106,

Qayyum A; Benzinou A; Razzak I; Mazher M; Nguyen TT; Puig D; Vafaee F, 2024, '3D-IncNet: Head and Neck (H&N) Primary Tumors Segmentation and Survival Prediction', IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 28, pp. 1185 - 1194,

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Khan MA; Armghan A; Razzak I; Wang S; Li Y, 2024, 'Guest Editorial of the Special Issue: Economic Policy Uncertainty and the Energy Stock Market', Fluctuation and Noise Letters,

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