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Fung S; Lu X; Mykolaitis M; Razzak I; Kostkevičius G; Ozerenskis D, 2023, 'Anatomical Landmarks Localization for 3D Foot Point Clouds', in , pp. 627 - 638,

Qayyum A; Mazher M; Niederer S; Razzak I, 2023, 'Segmentation of Intra-operative Ultrasound Using Self-supervised Learning Based 3D-ResUnet Model with Deep Supervision', in , pp. 55 - 62,

Nguyen TT; Nguyen CM; Huynh-The T; Pham QV; Nguyen QVH; Razzak I; Reddi VJ, 2023, 'Solving Complex Sequential Decision-Making Problems by Deep Reinforcement Learning with Heuristic Rules', in , pp. 298 - 305,

Dercksen K; de Vries AP; van Ginneken B, 2023, 'SimpleRad: Patient-Friendly Dutch Radiology Reports', in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Nature Switzerland, pp. 224 - 229,

Qayyum A; Mazher M; Niederer S; Meriaudeau F; Razzak I, 2022, 'Automatic Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Respiratory Motions Assessment and Segmentation', in , pp. 485 - 493,

Rehman A; Naz S; Khan A; Zaib A; Razzak I, 2022, 'Improving Coronavirus (COVID-19) Diagnosis Using Deep Transfer Learning', in , pp. 23 - 37,

Qayyum A; Razzak I, 2021, 'Deep Residual Neural Network for Child’s Spontaneous Facial Expressions Recognition', in , pp. 282 - 291,

Saeed Z; Ayaz Abbasi R; Razzak I, 2020, 'EveSense: What can you sense from Twitter?', in , pp. 491 - 495,

Qayyum A; Razzak I; Mumtaz W, 2020, 'Hybrid Deep Shallow Network for Assessment of Depression Using Electroencephalogram Signals', in , pp. 245 - 257,

Khan PI; Razzak I; Dengel A; Ahmed S, 2020, 'Improving Personal Health Mention Detection on Twitter Using Permutation Based Word Representation Learning', in , pp. 776 - 785,

Rashid AH; Razzak I; Tanveer M; Robles-Kelly A, 2020, 'RipNet: A Lightweight One-Class Deep Neural Network for the Identification of RIP Currents', in , pp. 172 - 179,

Saeed S; Naz S; Razzak MI, 2019, 'An application of deep learning in character recognition: An overview', in Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, pp. 53 - 81,

Shirazi SH; Naz S; Razzak MI; Umar AI; Zaib A, 2018, 'Automated pathology image analysis', in Soft Computing Based Medical Image Analysis, pp. 13 - 29,

Razzak MI; Naz S; Zaib A, 2018, 'Deep learning for medical image processing: Overview, challenges and the future', in Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics, pp. 323 - 350,

Belaíd A; Razzak MI, 2014, 'Middle eastern character recognition', in Handbook of Document Image Processing and Recognition, pp. 427 - 457,

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