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Poletto DL; Crowley JD; Tanglay O; Walsh WR; Pelletier MH, 2023, 'Preclinical in vivo animal models of intervertebral disc degeneration. Part 1: A systematic review', JOR Spine, 6,

Fong BA; Crowley JD; Walsh WR; Pelletier MH, 2022, 'Vacuum-Sealed Hot Water Bath Immersion for the Preparation of Anatomical and Surgical Cadaveric Bone Models', Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2022,

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Browne KL; Crowley JD; Tan CJ; O'Sullivan CB; Walsh WR, 2021, 'Effect of ultraviolet-C light on the environmental bacterial bioburden in various veterinary facilities', AMERICAN JOURNAL OF VETERINARY RESEARCH, 82, pp. 581 - 587,

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Dan MJ; Parr WCH; Crowley JD; Oliver RA; Kai Lun K; Lovric V; Cross M; Broe D; Walsh WR, 2021, 'Moment arm function dictates patella sagittal height anatomy: Rabbit epiphysiodesis model alters limb length ratios and subsequent patellofemoral anatomical development', Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 39, pp. 637 - 647,

Crowley JD; Oliver RA; Dan MJ; Wills DJ; Rawlinson JW; Crasto RA; O'Connor JM; Mitchell GJ; Tan CJ; Walsh WR, 2021, 'Single level posterolateral lumbar fusion in a New Zealand White rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) model: Surgical anatomy, operative technique, autograft fusion rates, and perioperative care', JOR Spine, 4,

Crowley JD; Hosgood G; Crawford NV; Richardson JL, 2020, 'Computed tomographic findings, surgical management and postoperative outcomes of large intermuscular lipomas in the hindlimb of 11 dogs.', Aust Vet J, 98, pp. 135 - 139,

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Crowley JD; Thomas KA; Donahoe SL; Child G; Hickey MC; Mooney ET, 2019, 'Hypoventilation, cardiac dysrhythmia, and cardiac arrest following acute Brunfelsia species (Yesterday, today, tomorrow) intoxication in a dog', Australian Veterinary Journal, 97, pp. 202 - 207,

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Crowley J; Po E; Celi P; Muscatello G, 2013, 'Systemic and respiratory oxidative stress in the pathogenesis and diagnosis of Rhodococcus equi pneumonia.', Equine Vet J Suppl, pp. 20 - 25,

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