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Hsieh JK-T, 2020, International Student Mobility Exploring Identities and Engagements, Routledge

Book Chapters

Hsieh JK-T; Shee Yeung AW, 2021, 'Navigating through COVID-19 Complexity', in Impacts of COVID-19 on International Students and the Future of Student Mobility, Routledge, pp. 172 - 183,

Journal articles

Hsieh JKT; Gao X; Bell S, 2021, 'The Multilayered Nature of Becoming Nonnative-English-Speaking Teacher', TESOL Quarterly, 56, pp. 178 - 200,

Hsieh JK-T, 2020, 'An ethnography of Taiwanese international students’ identity movements: Habitus modification and improvisation', Journal of International Students, 10, pp. 836 - 852,

Hsieh JKT; Wang LY, 2020, 'Three taiwanese students’ identity transformations: Complexity within a cohort of international students', Journal of College Student Development, 61, pp. 624 - 636,

Shin G-H; Hsieh JK-T, 2018, 'TEACHING KOREAN AS A LINGUA FRANCA: DIGITAL UPLIFTING PROJECT AT UNSW SYDNEY', International Review of Korean Studies, 15, pp. 69 - 94

Hsieh JK-T, 2018, 'Positioning the Researcher in the Studies of International Student Identities', Journal of International Students, 8, pp. 659 - 676,

Hsieh K-T; Dong D-H; Wang L-Y, 2013, 'A preliminary study of applying shadowing technique to English intonation instruction', Taiwan Journal of Linguistics, 11, pp. 43 - 66

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