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Skattebol J; Blaxland M, 2024, 'Conceptualizing Challenging Childhoods', in The Routledge Handbook on the Influence of Built Environments on Diverse Childhoods, Routledge, pp. 23 - 35,

Skattebol J; Hayes D, 2019, 'Cracking with affect: relationality in young people's movements in and out of mainstream schooling', in Alternative Educational Programmes, Schools and Social Justice, Routledge, pp. 6 - 20,

Skattebol J, 2019, ''Child Poverty and Wellbeing: the Case of Australia'', in Li B (ed.), Anti-poverty from theories to practices., pp. 1 - 25

Skattebol J, 2016, '‘It’s hard to blend in’: everyday experiences of schooling achievement, migration and neoliberal education policy', in Hunner-Kreisel C; Bohne S (ed.), Childhood, Youth and Migration: Connecting Global and Local Perspectives, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp. 83 - 99,

Skattebol J; Aydemir O; Mourad F; Arthur L, 2015, 'Insider Islamic Spaces of Inquiry: Muslim educators producing new knowledge in Sydney Australia', in Practitioner research in early childhood: International issues and perspectives.

Hayes D; Skattebol J, 2014, 'Education and the Politics of Belonging', in Handbook of Children and Youth Studies, Springer Singapore, pp. 1 - 9,

Skattebol J, 2005, 'Difference, deafness and donor choice', in Jones HG; Kirkman DM (ed.), Sperm Wars: The Rights and Wrongs of Reproduction, ABC Enterprises, Sydney, pp. 242 - 252

Skattebol J; Gilbert S, 2004, 'Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families', in Salter G; Johnston C; Lunn H (ed.), Does this child need help? Identification and Early Intervention, Australian Early Intervention Association, Sydney, pp. 24 - 30

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