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Huang-Lung J; Chun Ho K; Lung T; Palagyi A; McCluskey P; White AJ; Boufous S; Keay L, 2023, 'Healthcare costs following falls and cataract surgery in older adults using Australian linked health data from 2012-2019.', Public Health Res Pract,

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Markeviciute A; Huang-Lung J; Zemaitiene R; Grzybowski A, 2023, 'A Review of Ambient Air Pollution as a Risk Factor for Posterior Segment Ocular Diseases', Journal of Clinical Medicine, 12,

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Huang-Lung J; Angell B; Palagyi A; Taylor HR; White A; McCluskey P; Keay L, 2022, 'The true cost of hidden waiting times for cataract surgery in Australia', Public health research & practice, 32,

Keay L; Ho KC; Rogers K; McCluskey P; White AJR; Morlet N; Ng JQ; Lamoureux E; Pesudovs K; Stapleton FJ; Boufous S; Huang-Lung J; Palagyi A, 2022, 'The incidence of falls after first and second eye cataract surgery: a longitudinal cohort study', Medical Journal of Australia, 217, pp. 94 - 99,

Tong J; Huang J; Kalloniatis M; Coroneo M; Zangerl B, 2021, 'Clinical Trial: Diurnal IOP Fluctuations in Glaucoma Using Latanoprost and Timolol with Self-Tonometry', Optometry and Vision Science, 98, pp. 901 - 913,

Tong J; Huang J; Khou V; Martin J; Kalloniatis M; Ly A, 2021, 'Topical Review: Assessment of Binocular Sensory Processes in Low Vision', Optometry and Vision Science, 98, pp. 310 - 325,

Chang KYJ; Rogers K; Lung T; Shih S; Huang-Lung J; Keay L, 2021, 'Population-Based Projection of Vision-Related Disability in Australia 2020–2060: Prevalence, Causes, Associated Factors and Demand for Orientation and Mobility Services', Ophthalmic Epidemiology, 28, pp. 516 - 525,

Huang J; Yapp M; Hennessy MP; Ly A; Masselos K; Agar A; Kalloniatis M; Zangerl B; Hennessy M, 2020, 'Impact of referral refinement on management of glaucoma suspects in Australia', Clinical and Experimental Optometry, 103, pp. 675 - 683,

Huang J; Phu J; Kalloniatis M; Zangerl B, 2020, 'Determining Significant Elevation of Intraocular Pressure Using Self-tonometry', Optometry and Vision Science, 97, pp. 86 - 93,

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Ly A; Banh J; Luu P; Huang J; Yapp M; Zangerl B, 2019, 'Interocular asymmetry of the superonasal retinal nerve fibre layer thickness and blood vessel diameter in healthy subjects', PLoS ONE, 14, pp. e0226728,

Huang J; Hennessy MP; Kalloniatis M; Zangerl B; Hennessy M, 2018, 'Implementing collaborative care for glaucoma patients and suspects in Australia', Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, 46, pp. 826 - 828,

Huang J; Katalinic P; Kalloniatis M; Hennessy MP; Zangerl B; Hennessy M, 2018, 'Diurnal intraocular pressure fluctuations with self-tonometry in glaucoma patients and suspects: A clinical trial', Optometry and Vision Science, 95, pp. 88 - 95,

Bandamwar KL; Garrett Q; Cheung D; Huang J; Lee L; Ng C; Papas EB, 2010, 'Onset time course of solution induced corneal staining', Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 33, pp. 199 - 201,

Conference Abstracts

Al-Timimi Z; Dunn H; Huang-Lung J; Keay L; Yang E; Healey P, 2022, 'Diagnosis of glaucoma in cross-sectional prevalence studies: Protocol for a systematic review in the context of the Australian eye and ear health survey', in CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 50, pp. 919 - 919,

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