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Krilis M; Qi M; Qi J; Wong JWH; Guymer R; Liew G; Hunyor AP; Madigan M; McCluskey P; Weaver J; Krilis SA; Giannakopoulos B, 2018, 'Dual roles of different redox forms of complement factor H in protecting against age related macular degeneration', Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 129, pp. 237 - 246,

El-Assaad F; Qi M; Gordon AK; Qi J; Dong S; Passam F; Weaver JC; Giannakopoulos B; Krilis SA, 2017, 'Βeta 2-glycoprotein i protects mice against gram-negative septicaemia in a sexually dimorphic manner', Scientific Reports, 7,

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Dong S; Qi M; Wang Y; Chen L; Weaver JC; Krilis SA; Giannakopoulos B, 2017, 'β2GPI exerts an anti-obesity effect in female mice by inhibiting lipogenesis and promoting lipolysis', Oncotarget, 8, pp. 92652 - 92666,

Zhou S; Chen G; Qi M; El-Assaad F; Wang Y; Dong S; Chen L; Yu D; Weaver JC; Beretov J; Krilis SA; Giannakopoulos B, 2016, 'Gram negative bacterial inflammation ameliorated by the plasma protein beta 2-Glycoprotein I', Scientific Reports, 6,

Zhou S; Tanaka K; O'Keeffe M; Qi M; El-Assaad F; Weaver JC; Chen G; Weatherall C; Wang Y; Giannakopoulos B; Chen L; Yu DM; Hamilton MJ; Wensing LA; Stevens RL; Krilis SA, 2016, 'CD117+ dendritic and mast cells are dependent on RasGRP4 to function as accessory cells for optimal natural killer cell-mediated responses to lipopolysaccharide', PLoS ONE, 11,

Zhang P; Weaver JC; Chen G; Beretov J; Atsumi T; Qi M; Bhindi R; Qi JC; Madigan MC; Giannakopoulos B; Krilis SA, 2016, 'The fifth domain of beta 2 glycoprotein I protects from natural IgM mediated cardiac ischaemia reperfusion injury', PLoS ONE, 11,

Qi M; Abdelatti M; Krilis M; Madigan MC; Weaver J; Guymer RH; McCluskey P; Wang Y; Zhou S; Krilis SA; Giannakopoulos B, 2016, 'Do Beta 2-Glycoprotein i Disulfide Bonds Protect the Human Retina in the Setting of Age-Related Macular Degeneration?', Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, 24, pp. 32 - 38,

Rahgozar S; Amirian T; Qi M; Shahshahan Z; Entezar-E-Ghaem M; Tehrani HG; Miroliaei M; Krilis SA; Giannakopoulos B, 2015, 'Improved assay for quantifying a redox form of angiotensinogen as a biomarker for pre-eclampsia: A case-control study', PLoS ONE, 10,

Giannakopoulos B; Mirarabshahi P; Qi M; Weatherall C; Qi JC; Tanaka K; Millar E; Vonthethoff L; Gatto D; Spielman D; Krilis SA, 2014, 'Deletion of the antiphospholipid syndrome autoantigen β2- glycoprotein i potentiates the lupus autoimmune phenotype in a toll-like receptor 7-mediated murine model', Arthritis and Rheumatology, 66, pp. 2270 - 2280,


Yong A; Pennings G; Wong C; Javadzadegan A; Brieger D; Lowe H; Qi M; Behnia M; Krilis S; Kritharides L, 2013, 'Intracoronary upregulation of platelet extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer (CD147) in coronary disease', International Journal of Cardiology, 166, pp. 716 - 721,

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Ioannou Y; Zhang JY; Qi M; Gao L; Qi JC; Yu D; Lau H; Sturgess AD; Vlachoyiannopoulos P; Moutsopoulos HM; Rahman A; Pericleousn C; Atsumi T; Koike T; Heritier S; Giannakopoulos B; Krilis S, 2011, 'Novel Assays of Thrombogenic Pathogenicity in the Antiphospholipid Syndrome Based on the Detection of Molecular Oxidative Modification of the Major Autoantigen beta(2)-Glycoprotein I', Arthritis Care & Research, 63, pp. 2774 - 2782,

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Morrison NA; Qi JC; Tokita A; Kelly PJ; Crofts L; Nguyen TV; Sambrook PN; Eisman JA, 1994, 'Prediction of bone density from vitamin D receptor alleles', Nature, 367, pp. 284 - 287,

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