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Li J; Malouf C; Miles LA; Willis MB; Pietras EM; King KY, 2023, 'Chronic inflammation can transform the fate of normal and mutant hematopoietic stem cells.', Exp Hematol,

Li J; Lao O; Bruveris FF; Wang L; Chaudry K; Yang Z; Farbehi N; Ng ES; Stanley EG; Harvey RP; Elefanty AG; Nordon RE, 2022, 'Mimicry of embryonic circulation enhances the hoxa hemogenic niche and human blood development', Cell Reports, 40, pp. 111339,

Li J; Lao O; Nordon RE, 2021, 'The method to generate pulsatile circulatory fluid flow using microfluidics', MethodsX, 8, pp. 101269 - 101269,

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Cornwell J; Zhang H; Lim T; Resurreccion R; Port T; Rosengarten G; Nordon R; chen H, 2013, 'Cardiac-like flow generator for long-term imaging of endothelial cell responses to circulatory pulsatile flow at microscale', Lab on a chip : miniaturisation for chemistry, biology and bioengineering, 13, pp. 2999 - 3007,

Chen H; Li J; Zhang H; Li M; Rosengarten G; Nordon RE, 2011, 'Microwell perfusion array for high-throughput, long-term imaging of clonal growth', Biomicrofluidics, 5, pp. Article number: 044117,

Li JY; Yu ABOYAOYA-B; Bridgwater J; Rought S, 2010, 'Spontaneous inter-particle percolation: a kinematic simulation study', Powder Technology, 203, pp. 397 - 403,

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