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Brooks J, 2021, 'Olive Kitteridge (Lisa Cholodenko, 2014), quality television and difficult women: female discontent in the age of binge-viewing', in Perkins C; Schreiber M (ed.), Independent Women: From Film to Television, Routledge, New York

Brooks J, 2017, 'Gender Matters: Gender Policy and the Rewriting of the Mother-Daughter narrative in Contemporary Australian Women's Filmmaking', in Ryan MD; Goldsmith B (ed.), Australian Screen in the 2000s, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 143 - 164,

Brooks J, 2017, 'Gender Matters: Gender Policy and the Rewriting of the Mother–Daughter Narrative in Contemporary Australian Women’s Filmmaking', in Australian Screen in the 2000s, Springer Nature, pp. 143 - 164,

Brooks J, 2015, 'Laurel Canyon: Lacuscular Cinema', in Perkins C; Verevis C (ed.), US Independent Filmmaking After 1989: Possible Films,eds. Claire Perkins and Constantine Verevis, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 133 - 148

Brooks J, 2013, '"Invisibility's Beat: Ralph Ellison, Rhythm, and Cinema's Blind Field', in Hoogstad, JH (ed.), Off Beat: Pluralizing Rhythm, Rodopi, Amsterdam - New York, NY, pp. 149 - 168,

Brooks J, 2011, 'The State of the Discipline: Film Studies as Bad Object', in Vassilieva J; Verevis C (ed.), After Taste: Cultural Value and the Moving Image, edn. Original, Routledge,

Brooks J, 2004, ''Worrying the Note': inaudible beats in the gangsta film', in Drobnick J (ed.), Aural Cultures, edn. Original, YYZ Books, Toronto, pp. 157 - 168

Brooks J, 1999, 'Crisis and the everyday: some thoughts on gesture and crisis in Cassavetes and Benjamin', in Falling for you: essays on cinema and performance, edn. Original, Power Publications, Sydney, Australia, pp. 73 - 104

Brooks J, 1999, 'Performing aging/ performance crisis (for Norma Desmond, Baby Jane, Margo Channing, Sister George - and Myrtle)', in Woodward K (ed.), Figuring age: women, bodies, generations, edn. Original, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana USA, pp. 232 - 247

Brooks J, 1995, 'Between Contemplation and Distraction: Cinema, Obsession & Involuntary Memory', in Jayamanne L (ed.), Kiss Me Deadly: Feminism and Cinema for the Moment, edn. Original, Power Publications, Sydney, pp. 77 - 90

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