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Oei JL; Buonocore G; Petraglia F; Dani C; Serena C; Clemenza S; Mecacci F; Marlow N; Morgan AS; Modi N; Uthaya S; Hudak M; Yeo KT; Singla M; Palasanthiran P; Preisz A; Gribble K; Opie G; Perrone S, 2020, 'Global Pandemics, the Mother and Her Infant: Learning from the Past to Help the Future', in Neonatology, Springer International Publishing, pp. 1 - 57,

Jalon Rojas I; Wang XH, 2018, 'Introduction', in Wang XH (ed.), Sediment Dynamics of Chinese Muddy Coasts and Estuaries Physics, Biology and their Interactions, Academic Press

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Powell M; Pilkington R; Varney B; Havard A; Lynch J; Dobbins T; Oei JL; Ahmed T; Falster K, 2024, 'The burden of prenatal and early life maternal substance use among children at risk of maltreatment: A systematic review', Drug and Alcohol Review, 43, pp. 823 - 847,

Lawler K; Dronavalli M; Page A; Lee E; Uebel H; Bajuk B; Burns L; Dickson M; Green C; Dicair L; Eastwood J; Oei JL, 2024, ''Joining the Dots: Linking Prenatal Drug Exposure to Childhood and Adolescence' - research protocol of a population cohort study', BMJ Paediatrics Open, 8,

McNamara KA; Murnion B; Fotheringham P; Terplan M; Lintzeris N; Oei JL; Bond DM; Nassar N; Black KI, 2024, 'Interconnections between unintended pregnancy, alcohol and other drug use, and pregnancy, birth, infant, childhood and socioeconomic outcomes: a scoping review', BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health,

Woodford S; Parmar T; Leong E; Zhong J; Oei JL; Suzuki K; Kumar K; Yeo KT; Ma L; De Luca D; Hummler H; Schmölzer G; Vento M; Schindler T, 2024, 'International Online Survey on the Management of Patent Ductus Arteriosus', Neonatology,

Nguyen TT; Nguyen DTN; Pham TTT; Oei JL, 2023, 'Prophylaxis of Patent Ductus Arteriosus with Paracetamol in Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborns (ELGANs): A Single-Institution Observational Study in Vietnam', Children, 10,

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Katheria A; Schmölzer GM; Janvier A; Kapadia V; Saugstad OD; Vento M; Kushnir A; Tracy M; Rich W; Oei JL, 2023, 'A Narrative Review of the Rationale for Conducting Neonatal Emergency Studies with a Waived or Deferred Consent Approach', Neonatology, 120, pp. 344 - 352,

Clemens KJ; Oei JL; Jantzie LL, 2023, 'Editorial: The neurology and neurobiology of neonatal abstinence syndrome', Frontiers in Pediatrics, 11,

Jani P; Mishra U; Buchmayer J; Walker K; Gözen D; Maheshwari R; D’Çruz D; Lowe K; Wright A; Marceau J; Culcer M; Priyadarshi A; Kirby A; Moore JE; Oei JL; Shah V; Vaidya U; Khashana A; Godambe S; Cheah FC; Zhou W; Xiaojing H; Satardien M, 2023, 'Thermoregulation and golden hour practices in extremely preterm infants: an international survey', Pediatric Research, 93, pp. 1701 - 1709,

Sotiropoulos JX; Schmölzer GM; Oei JL; Libesman S; Hunter KE; Williams JG; Webster AC; Tarnow-Mordi WO; Vento M; Asztalos E; Shah PS; Katheria A; Seidler AL, 2023, 'PROspective Meta-analysis Of Trials of Initial Oxygen in preterm Newborns (PROMOTION): Protocol for a systematic review and prospective meta-analysis with individual participant data on initial oxygen concentration for resuscitation of preterm infants', Acta Paediatrica, International Journal of Paediatrics, 112, pp. 372 - 382,

Nakstad B; Oei JL, 2023, 'Editorial: Women in Neonatology 2022', Frontiers in Pediatrics, 11,

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Sotiropoulos JX; Oei JL; Schmölzer GM; Hunter KE; Williams JG; Webster AC; Vento M; Kapadia V; Rabi Y; Dekker J; Vermeulen MJ; Sundaram V; Kumar P; Saugstad OD; Seidler AL, 2022, 'NET work M eta-analysis of T rials of i nitial O xygen in preterm N ewborns (NETMOTION): A Protocol for Systematic Review and Individual Participant Data Network Meta-Analysis of Preterm Infants <32 Weeks' Gestation Randomized to Initial Oxygen Concentration for Resuscitation', Neonatology, 119, pp. 517 - 524,

Oei JL; Kapadia V; Rabi Y; Saugstad OD; Rook D; Vermeulen MJ; Boronat N; Thamrin V; Tarnow-Mordi W; Smyth J; Wright IM; Lui K; van Goudoever JB; Gebski V; Vento M, 2022, 'Neurodevelopmental outcomes of preterm infants after randomisation to initial resuscitation with lower (FiO2 <0.3) or higher (FiO2 >0.6) initial oxygen levels. An individual patient meta-analysis', Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal Edition, 107, pp. F386 - F392,

Oei JL; Kandasamy Y, 2022, 'Population data suggest persistently high risk of pregnancy complications in women with chronic kidney disease', Evidence-Based Nursing, 25, pp. 106,

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Sotiropoulos JX; Kapadia V; Vento M; Rabi Y; Saugstad OD; Kumar RK; Schmölzer GM; Zhang H; Yuan Y; Lim G; Kusuda S; Arimitsu T; Nguyen TT; Kitsommart R; Yeo KT; Oei JL, 2021, 'Oxygen for the delivery room respiratory support of moderate-to-late preterm infants. An international survey of clinical practice from 21 countries', Acta Paediatrica, International Journal of Paediatrics, 110, pp. 3261 - 3268,

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