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Mizia K; Hill M; Oei J; Gomez-Poulin C; Kennedy D, 2014, 'Characteristics of Telephone Calls Regarding Drugs of Dependence to MotherSafe between 2000 and 2013', in BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH PART A-CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR TERATOLOGY, WILEY-BLACKWELL, pp. 557 - 557,

Loughran A; Oei J; Wimalasunderera N; Wang H; Henry R; Lui K, 2003, 'The influence of gestation and ventilation on serum Clara cell protein (CCSP) in preterm infants', in PEDIATRIC RESEARCH, INT PEDIATRIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION, INC, WASHINGTON, SEATTLE, pp. 490A - 490A, presented at Annual Meeting of the Pediatric-Academic-Society, WASHINGTON, SEATTLE, 03 May 2003 - 06 May 2003,

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