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D'Agostino PM; Al-Sinawi B; Mazmouz R; Muenchhoff J; Neilan BA; Moffitt MC, 2020, 'Identification of promoter elements in the Dolichospermum circinale AWQC131C saxitoxin gene cluster and the experimental analysis of their use for heterologous expression', BMC Microbiology, 20,

Wong MWK; Braidy N; Pickford R; Vafaee F; Crawford J; Muenchhoff J; Schofield P; Attia J; Brodaty H; Sachdev P; Poljak A, 2019, 'Plasma lipidome variation during the second half of the human lifespan is associated with age and sex but minimally with BMI', PLoS ONE, 14,

Muenchhoff J; Song F; Poljak A; Crawford JD; Mather KA; Kochan NA; Yang Z; Trollor JN; Reppermund S; Maston K; Theobald A; Kirchner-Adelhardt S; Kwok JB; Richmond RL; McEvoy M; Attia J; Schofield PW; Brodaty H; Sachdev PS, 2017, 'Plasma apolipoproteins and physical and cognitive health in very old individuals', Neurobiology of Aging, 55, pp. 49 - 60,

Jayasena T; Poljak A; Braidy N; Zhong L; Rowlands B; Muenchhoff J; Grant R; Smythe G; Teo C; Raftery M; Sachdev PS, 2016, 'Application of targeted mass spectrometry for the quantification of sirtuins in the central nervous system', Scientific Reports, 6, pp. 35391 - 35391,

Muenchhoff J; Poljak A; Thalamuthu A; Gupta VB; Chatterjee P; Raftery M; Masters CL; Morris JC; Bateman RJ; Fagan AM; Martins RN; Sachdev PS, 2016, 'Changes in the plasma proteome at asymptomatic and symptomatic stages of autosomal dominant Alzheimer's disease', Scientific Reports, 6, pp. 29078 - 29078,

Muenchhoff J; Poljak A; Song F; Raftery M; Brodaty H; Duncan M; McEvoy M; Attia J; Schofield PW; Sachdev PS, 2015, 'Plasma protein profiling of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease across two independent cohorts', Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 43, pp. 1355 - 1373,

Sinha R; Pearson LA; Davis TW; Muenchhoff J; Pratama R; Jex A; Burford MA; Neilan BA, 2014, 'Comparative genomics of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii strains with differential toxicities', BMC Genomics, 15,

Muenchhoff J; Siddiqui KS; Neilan BA, 2012, 'Identification of two residues essential for the stringent substrate specificity and active site stability of the prokaryotic l -arginine:glycine amidinotransferase CyrA', FEBS Journal, 279, pp. 805 - 815,

Muenchhoff J; Siddiqui KS; Poljak A; Raftery MJ; Barrow KD; Neilan BA, 2010, 'A novel prokaryotic L-arginine:glycine amidinotransferase is involved in cylindrospermopsin biosynthesis', FEBS Journal, 277, pp. 3844 - 3860

Mihali TK; Kellmann R; Muenchhoff J; Barrow KD; Neilan BA, 2008, 'Characterization of the gene cluster responsible for cylindrospermopsin biosynthesis', Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 74, pp. 716 - 722,

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