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Privat K; Sobotkova A; Bakardzhiev S; Russeva V, 2018, 'Excavation and palaeodietary analysis of Bronze Age human remains from Boyanovo, Yambol province', in Ross S; Sobotkova A; Tzvetkova J; Nekhrizov G; Connor S (ed.), , Oxbow Books Limited, pp. 182 - 190

Field J; Privat K, 2008, 'Blood residue analysis', in Encyclopedia of Archaeology, pp. 927 - 931,

Privat K; O'Connell T; Neal K; Hedges R, 2005, 'Fermented dairy product analysis and palaeodietary repercussions : is stable isotope analysis not cheesy enough?', in Mulville J; Outram A (ed.), , Oxbow Books Ltd

Privat K, 2002, 'Preliminary report of palaeodietary analysis of human and faunal remains from Bolshekaragansky kurgan 25', in Zdanovich D (ed.), , Iuzhno-Ural’skoe Knizhnoe Izdatel’stvo, Chelyabinsk, pp. 166 - 171

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