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Handoko W; Anurag A; Pahlevani F; Hossain R; Privat K; Sahajwalla V, 2019, 'Effect of selective-precipitations process on the corrosion resistance and hardness of dual-phase high-carbon steel', Scientific Reports, vol. 9, pp. 15631,

Handoko W; Pahlevani F; Yao Y; Privat K; Sahajwalla V, 2019, 'From Waste to Multi-Hybrid Layering of High Carbon Steel to Improve Corrosion Resistance: An In-Depth Analysis Using EPMA and AFM Techniques', Surfaces,

Hossain R; Pahlevani F; Cholake ST; Privat K; Sahajwalla V, 2019, 'Innovative Surface Engineering of High-Carbon Steel through Formation of Ceramic Surface and Diffused Subsurface Hybrid Layering', ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, vol. 7, pp. 9228 - 9236,

Tanaka Y; Pahlevani F; Privat K; Moon S; Dippenaar R; Kitamura S; Sahajwalla V, 2018, 'Engulfment Behavior of Inclusions in High-Carbon Steel: Theoretical and Experimental Investigation', Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, vol. 49, pp. 2986 - 2997,

Hanks B; Miller AV; Judd M; Epimakhov A; Razhev D; Privat K, 2018, 'Bronze Age diet and economy: New stable isotope data from the Central Eurasian steppes (2100-1700 BC)', Journal of Archaeological Science, vol. 97, pp. 14 - 25,

Kumar A; Joseph S; Tsechansky L; Privat K; Schreiter IJ; Schüth C; Graber ER, 2018, 'Biochar aging in contaminated soil promotes Zn immobilization due to changes in biochar surface structural and chemical properties', Science of the Total Environment, vol. 626, pp. 953 - 961,

Alzahid YA; Mostaghimi P; Gerami A; Singh A; Privat K; Amirian T; Armstrong RT, 2018, 'Functionalisation of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)- Microfluidic Devices coated with Rock Minerals', Scientific Reports, vol. 8,

Turney C; Wilmshurst JM; Jones RT; Wood JR; Palmer JG; Hogg AG; Fenwick P; Crowley SF; Privat K; Thomas Z, 2017, 'Reconstructing atmospheric circulation over southern New Zealand: Establishment of modern westerly airflow 5500 years ago and implications for Southern Hemisphere Holocene climate change', Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 159, pp. 77 - 87,

Lay A; Graham I; Cohen D; Privat K; González-Jiménez JM; Belousova E; Barnes SJ, 2017, 'Ophiolitic chromitites of Timor Leste: Their composition, platinum group element geochemistry, mineralogy, and evolution', Canadian Mineralogist, vol. 55, pp. 875 - 908,

VanValkenburgh P; Kelloway SJ; Privat KL; Sillar B; Quilter J, 2017, 'Rethinking cultural hybridity and technology transfer: SEM microstructural analysis of lead glazed ceramics from early colonial Peru', Journal of Archaeological Science, vol. 82, pp. 17 - 30,

Pahlevani F; Kumar R; Gorjizadeh N; Hossain R; Cholake ST; Privat K; Sahajwalla V, 2016, 'Enhancing steel properties through in situ formation of ultrahard ceramic surface', Scientific Reports, vol. 6,

Reade WJ; Privat KL, 2016, 'Chemical characterisation of archaeological glasses from the hellenistic site of jebel khalid, Syria by electron probe microanalysis', Heritage Science, vol. 4,

Ventresca Miller A; Usmanova E; Logvin V; Kalieva S; Shevnina I; Logvin A; Kolbina A; Suslov A; Privat K; Haas K; Rosenmeier M, 2014, 'Subsistence and social change in central Eurasia: Stable isotope analysis of populations spanning the Bronze Age transition', Journal of Archaeological Science, vol. 42, pp. 525 - 538,

McCarroll RJ; Graham IT; Fountain R; Privat K; Woodhead J, 2014, 'The Ojolali region, Sumatra, Indonesia: Epithermal gold-silver mineralisation within the Sunda Arc', Gondwana Research, vol. 26, pp. 218 - 240,

Patel S; Guenther T; Dodds CWD; Kolke S; Privat KL; Matteucci PB; Suaning GJ, 2013, 'Materials design considerations involved in the fabrication of implantable bionics by metallization of ceramic substrates', Conference proceedings : ... Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual Conference, vol. 2013, pp. 759 - 762,

Laws KJ; Xu W; Privat K; Ferry M; Robin L, 2010, 'The three dimensional structure of Mg-rich plates in as-cast Mg-based bulk metallic glass composites', Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A Journal, vol. 41A, pp. 1691 - 1698,

Trueman C; Privat K; Field JH, 2008, 'Why do crystallinity values fail to predict the extent of diagenetic alteration of bone mineral?', Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol. 266, pp. 160 - 167,

Fraser RA; Grün R; Privat K; Gagan MK, 2008, 'Stable-isotope microprofiling of wombat tooth enamel records seasonal changes in vegetation and environmental conditions in eastern Australia', Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol. 269, pp. 66 - 77,

Trueman CN; Palmer MR; Field J; Privat K; Ludgate N; Chavagnac V; Eberth DA; Cifelli R; Rogers RR, 2008, 'Comparing rates of recrystallisation and the potential for preservation of biomolecules from the distribution of trace elements in fossil bones', Comptes Rendus - Palevol, vol. 7, pp. 145 - 158,

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Privat KL; O'connell TC; Richards MP, 2002, 'Stable isotope analysis of human and faunal remains from the Anglo-Saxon Cemetery and Berinsfield, Oxfordshire: Dietary and social implications', Journal of Archaeological Science, vol. 29, pp. 779 - 790,

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