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Widanage C; Mohotti D; Lee CK; Wijesooriya K; Meddage DPP, 2024, 'Use of explainable machine learning models in blast load prediction', Engineering Structures, 312,

Mohotti D; Wijesooriya K; Fernando PLN; Nishshanka B; Lee CK; Remmenikov A, 2024, 'Experimental investigation of band-beam slabs subjected to close-range blast loading', Engineering Structures, 309,

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Wijesooriya K; Mohotti D; Lee CK; Mendis P, 2023, 'A technical review of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications on wind design of tall buildings and structures: Past, present and future', Journal of Building Engineering, 74,

Ekanayake IU; Palitha S; Gamage S; Meddage DPP; Wijesooriya K; Mohotti D, 2023, 'Predicting adhesion strength of micropatterned surfaces using gradient boosting models and explainable artificial intelligence visualizations', Materials Today Communications, 36,

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Mohotti D; Wijesooriya K; Dias-da-Costa D, 2019, 'Comparison of Reynolds Averaging Navier-Stokes (RANS) turbulent models in predicting wind pressure on tall buildings', Journal of Building Engineering, 21, pp. 1 - 17,

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