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Kim KW; Allen DW; Briese T; Pang CN; Jain K; Horton JL; Isaacs SR; Wilkins MR; Couper J; Penno MAS; Harrison LC; Morahan G; Harris M; Cotterill AM; Morbey C; Barry SC; Haynes A; Davis E; Colman P; Giles L; Dodd J; Wentworth J; Sinnott R; Papenfuss TA; Vuillermin P; Lipkin WI; Rawlinson WD; Craig ME, 2017, 'Gut Virome Dynamics during Pregnancy in Mothers with Type 1 Diabetes', in DIABETES, AMER DIABETES ASSOC, pp. LB51 - LB51,

Horton JL; Kim KW; Pang CN; Jain K; Leung P; Isaacs SR; Bull RA; Luciani F; Wilkins MR; Lipkin WI; Rawlinson WD; Briese T; Craig ME, 2017, 'Virome-Capture Sequencing of the Gut and Plasma Virome in Children with Islet Autoimmunity', in DIABETES, AMER DIABETES ASSOC, pp. LB51 - LB52,

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