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Wotton MEL; Bennett JM; Modesto O; Challinor KL; Prabhakharan P, 2022, 'Attention all ‘drivers’: You could be to blame, no matter your behaviour or the level of vehicle automation', Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, vol. 87, pp. 219 - 235,

Bennett JM; Challinor KL; Modesto O; Prabhakharan P, 2020, 'Attribution of blame of crash causation across varying levels of vehicle automation', Safety Science, vol. 132,

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Challinor KL; Brooks KR, 2013, 'Erratum: Contrast induced speed misperception: A map of the spatio-temporal frequency surface (Clinical EEG and Neuroscience (2012) 43 (3) 215-250)', Clinical EEG and Neuroscience, vol. 44, pp. 87,

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Challinor K, 2004, 'Opponent-motion normalisation predicts direction discrimination', AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY, vol. 56, pp. 109 - 109,

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