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Thapa P; Narasimhan P; Beek K; Hall JJ; Jayasuriya R; Mukherjee PS; Sheokand S; Heitkamp P; Shukla P; Klinton JS; Yellappa V; Mudgal N; Pai M, 2024, 'Unlocking the potential of informal healthcare providers in tuberculosis care: Insights from India', BMJ Global Health, 9, pp. e015212,

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Burry K; Beek K; Worth H; Vallely L; Haire B, 2023, 'Framings of abortion in Pacific Island print media: qualitative analysis of articles, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor', Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 31, pp. 2228113,

Thapa P; Narasimhan P; Jayasuriya R; Hall JJ; Mukherjee PS; Das DK; Beek K, 2023, 'Barriers and facilitators to informal healthcare provider engagement in the national tuberculosis elimination program of India: An exploratory study from West Bengal', PLOS Global Public Health, 3, pp. e0001390,

Baffsky R; Beek K; Wayland S; Shanthosh J; Henry A; Cullen P, 2022, '“The real pandemic’s been there forever”: qualitative perspectives of domestic and family violence workforce in Australia during COVID-19', BMC Health Services Research, 22, pp. 337,

Thapa P; Hall JJ; Jayasuriya R; Mukherjee PS; Beek K; Das DK; Mandal T; Narasimhan P, 2022, 'What are the tuberculosis care practices of informal healthcare providers? A cross-sectional study from Eastern India', Health policy and planning, 37, pp. 1158 - 1166,

Thapa P; Jayasuriya R; Hall JJ; Mukherjee PS; Beek K; Briggs N; Das DK; Mandal T; Narasimhan P, 2022, 'Are informal healthcare providers knowledgeable in tuberculosis care? A cross-sectional survey using vignettes in West Bengal, India.', International Health, 15, pp. 389 - 396,

Walker N; Beek K; Chen H; Shang J; Stevenson S; Williams K; Herzog H; Ahmed J; Cullen P, 2022, 'The Experiences of Persistent Pain Among Women With a History of Intimate Partner Violence: A Systematic Review', Trauma, Violence, and Abuse, 23, pp. 490 - 505,

Craig A; Beek K; Gilbert K; Soakai TS; Liaw T; Hall J, 2022, 'Universal Health Coverage and the Pacific Islands: An Overview of Senior Leaders’ Discussions, Challenges, Priorities and Solutions, 2015–2020', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19, pp. 4108,

Govindasamy S; Beek K; Yates K; Jayasuriya R; Reynolds R; de Wit JBF; Harris M, 2022, 'Experiences of overweight and obese patients with diabetes and practice nurses during implementation of a brief weight management intervention in general practice settings serving Culturally and Linguistically Diverse disadvantaged populations', Australian Journal of Primary Health, 29, pp. 358 - 364,

Borgelt K; Siose TK; Taape IV; Nunan M; Beek K; Craig AT, 2022, 'The impact of digital communication and data exchange on primary health service delivery in a small island developing state setting', PLOS Digital Health, 1, pp. e0000109,

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