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Anandasivam B; Tam M; McGeechan K; Price K; Mclean K; Tracy M; Hall J; Knight A; Vuong K, 2022, 'Melanoma risk assessment and management: a qualitative study among Australian general practitioners', British Journal of General Practice, pp. BJGP.2021.0668 - BJGP.2021.0668,

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Smit AK; Newson AJ; Keogh L; Best M; Dunlop K; Vuong K; Kirk J; Butow P; Trevena L; Cust AE, 2019, 'GP attitudes to and expectations for providing personal genomic risk information to the public: A qualitative study', BJGP Open, vol. 3, pp. bjgpopen18X101633,

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Vuong K; McGeechan K; Armstrong BK; Cust AE, 2014, 'Risk prediction models for incident primary cutaneous melanoma: A systematic review', JAMA Dermatology, vol. 150, pp. 434 - 444,

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