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Easthope H; Crommelin L; Gillon C; Pinnegar S; Ruming K; Liu S, 2023, 'Redeveloping the compact city: the challenges of strata collective sales', Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law,

Easthope H; Palmer J; Sharam A; Nethercote M; Pignatta G; Crommelin L, 2023, 'Delivering sustainable apartment housing: New build and retrofit', AHURI Final Report,

Easthope H; Crommelin L; Kerr SM; Troy L; van den Nouwelant R; Davison G, 2022, 'Planning for Lower‐Income Households in Privately Developed High‐Density Neighbourhoods in Sydney, Australia', Urban Planning, 7, pp. 213 - 228,

Crommelin L; Osbaldiston N, 2022, 'Regional Australia: Opportunities and Futures', Australian Planner, 58, pp. 69 - 71,

Evans C; Harris MS; Taufen A; Livesley SJ; Crommelin L, 2022, 'What does it mean for a transitioning urban waterfront to “work” from a sustainability perspective?', Journal of Urbanism,

Crommelin L; Parkinson S; Martin C; Troy L, 2021, 'Airbnb and amenity: Is short-term letting reshaping how we live in the city?', Critical Housing Analysis, 8, pp. 119 - 128,

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Crommelin L; Easthope H; Troy L; Randolph B, 2020, 'A new pathway to displacement? The implications of less-than-unanimous strata renewal laws for vulnerable residents', Australian Planner, 56, pp. 261 - 269,

King C; Crommelin L, 2019, 'A different perspective on post-industrial labor market restructuring in Detroit and Pittsburgh', Journal of Urban Affairs,

Crommelin LM; Troy L; Martin C; Pettit C, 2018, 'Is Airbnb a sharing economy superstar? Evidence from five global cities', Urban Policy and Research,

Bunker R; Crommelin L; Troy L; Easthope H; Pinnegar S; Randolph B, 2017, 'Managing the transition to a more compact city in Australia', International Planning Studies, 22, pp. 384 - 399,

Crommelin LM; Bunker R; Troy L; Randolph B; Easthope H; Pinnegar S, 2017, 'As compact city planning rolls on, a look back: lessons from Sydney and Perth', Australian Planner, 54, pp. 115 - 125,

King C; Crommelin L, 2013, 'Surfing the yinzernet: Exploring the complexities of place branding in post-industrial Pittsburgh', Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 9, pp. 264 - 278,

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