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Thompson S; Randolph B; Easthope H; Crommelin L; Loosemore M, 2020, Dealing with apartment defects: a how-to guide for strata owners and buyers,

Crommelin L; Randolph B; Easthope H; Loosemore M, 2019, The big lesson from Opal Tower is that badly built apartments aren’t only an issue for residents,

Crommelin L; Martin C; Troy L; Parkinson S, 2018, Who wins and who loses when platforms like Airbnb disrupt housing? And how do you regulate it?,

Troy L; Easthope H; Crommelin L, 2017, It’s not just the buildings, high-density neighbourhoods make life worse for the poor,

Easthope H; Crommelin L; Troy L, 2017, This is why apartment living is different for the poor,

Crommelin L; Easthope H; Pinnegar S; Randolph B; Troy L, 2017, Renewing the Compact City: Scenarios for fair and sustainable redevelopment of strata schemes

van den Nouwelant RM; Crommelin L, 2016, High housing costs create worries for city tourism and hospitality,,

Troy L; Randolph B; Easthope H; Crommelin LM, 2015, When developers come knocking: why strata law shake-up won’t deliver cheaper housing, The Conversation,

Crommelin LM; Steinmetz C, 2012, Urban farming in Detroit: sowing seeds of hope in the motor city?, The Conversation,

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