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Gu A; Schmidt B; Lonsdale A; Jalaldeen R; Kosasih HJ; Brown LM; Sadras T; Ekert PG; Oshlack A, 2023, 'TALLSorts: a T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia subtype classifier using RNA-seq expression data', Blood Advances, 7, pp. 7402 - 7406,

Brown LM; Ekert PG; Fleuren EDG, 2023, 'Biological and clinical implications of FGFR aberrations in paediatric and young adult cancers', Oncogene, 42, pp. 1875 - 1888,

Sadras T; Jalud FB; Kosasih HJ; Horne CR; Brown LM; El-Kamand S; de Bock CE; McAloney L; Ng AP; Davidson NM; Ludlow LEA; Oshlack A; Cowley MJ; Khaw SL; Murphy JM; Ekert PG, 2023, 'Unusual PDGFRB fusion reveals novel mechanism of kinase activation in Ph-like B-ALL', Leukemia, 37, pp. 1 - 5,

Lonsdale A; Halman A; Brown L; Kosasih H; Ekert P; Oshlack A, 2023, 'Toblerone: detecting exon deletion events in cancer using RNA-seq', F1000Research, 12,

Schmidt B; Brown LM; Ryland GL; Lonsdale A; Kosasih HJ; Ludlow LE; Majewski IJ; Blombery P; Ekert PG; Davidson NM; Oshlack A, 2022, 'ALLSorts: an RNA-Seq subtype classifier for B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia', Blood Advances, 6, pp. 4093 - 4097,

Brown LM; Hediyeh-Zadeh S; Sadras T; Huckstep H; Sandow JJ; Bartolo RC; Kosasih HJ; Davidson NM; Schmidt B; Bjelosevic S; Johnstone R; Webb AI; Khaw SL; Oshlack A; Davis MJ; Ekert PG, 2022, 'SFPQ-ABL1 and BCR-ABL1 use different signaling networks to drive B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia', Blood Advances, 6, pp. 2373 - 2387,

Schmidt B; Brown L; Ryland G; Lonsdale A; Kosasih H; Ludlow L; Majewski I; Blombery P; Ekert P; Davidson N; Oshlack A, 2021, 'ALLSorts: a RNA-Seq classifier for B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia', ,

Khuong-Quang DA; Brown LM; Wong M; Mayoh C; Sexton-Oates A; Kumar A; Pinese M; Nagabushan S; Lau L; Ludlow LE; Gifford AJ; Rodriguez M; Desai J; Fox SB; Haber M; Ziegler DS; Hansford JR; Marshall GM; Cowley MJ; Ekert PG; Wong-Erasmus M, 2020, 'Recurrent SPECC1L–NTRK fusions in pediatric sarcoma and brain tumors', Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies, 6, pp. mcs.a005710,

Moujalled DM; Hanna DT; Hediyeh-Zadeh S; Pomilio G; Brown L; Litalien V; Bartolo R; Fleming S; Chanrion M; Banquet S; Maragno AL; Kraus-Berthier L; Schoumacher M; Mullighan CG; Georgiou A; White CA; Lessene G; Huang DCS; Roberts AW; Geneste O; Rasmussen L; Davis MJ; Ekert PG; Wei A; Ng AP; Khaw SL, 2020, 'Cotargeting BCL-2 and MCL-1 in high-risk B-ALL', Blood Advances, 4, pp. 2762 - 2767,

Brown LM; Lonsdale A; Zhu A, 2020, 'Erratum: The application of RNA sequencing for the diagnosis and genomic classification of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Blood Advances (2020) 4:5 (930-942)DOI: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2019001008)', Blood Advances, 4, pp. 1217,

Brown LM; Lonsdale A; Zhu A; Davidson NM; Schmidt B; Hawkins A; Wallach E; Martin M; Mechinaud FM; Khaw SL; Bartolo RC; Ludlow LEA; Challis J; Brooks I; Petrovic V; Venn NC; Sutton R; Majewski IJ; Oshlack A; Ekert PG, 2020, 'The application of RNA sequencing for the diagnosis and genomic classification of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia', Blood Advances, 4, pp. 930 - 942,

Brown LM; Bartolo RC; Davidson NM; Schmidt B; Brooks I; Challis J; Petrovic V; Khuong-Quang DA; Mechinaud F; Khaw SL; Majewski IJ; Oshlack A; Ekert PG, 2019, 'Targeted therapy and disease monitoring in CNTRL-FGFR1-driven leukaemia', Pediatric Blood and Cancer, 66,

Brown LM; Hanna DT; Khaw SL; Ekert PG, 2017, 'Dysregulation of BCL-2 family proteins by leukemia fusion genes', Journal of Biological Chemistry, 292, pp. 14325 - 14333,

Narayan N; Morenos L; Phipson B; Willis SN; Brumatti G; Eggers S; Lalaoui N; Brown LM; Kosasih HJ; Bartolo RC; Zhou L; Catchpoole D; Saffery R; Oshlack A; Goodall GJ; Ekert PG, 2017, 'Functionally distinct roles for different miR-155 expression levels through contrasting effects on gene expression, in acute myeloid leukaemia', Leukemia, 31, pp. 808 - 820,

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