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Kelada L; Wakefield CE; Vetsch J; Schofield D; Sansom-Daly UM; Hetherington K; O'Brien T; Cohn RJ; Anazodo A; Viney R; Zeppel MJB, 2020, 'Financial toxicity of childhood cancer and changes to parents’ employment after treatment completion', Pediatric Blood and Cancer, vol. 67, pp. e28345,

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Kelada L; Wakefield CE; Heathcote LC; Jaaniste T; Signorelli C; Fardell JE; Donoghoe M; McCarthy MC; Gabriel M; Cohn RJ, 2019, 'Perceived cancer-related pain and fatigue, information needs, and fear of cancer recurrence among adult survivors of childhood cancer', Patient Education and Counseling, vol. 102, pp. 2270 - 2278,

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Kelada L; Hasking P; Melvin G, 2016, 'The Relationship Between Nonsuicidal Self-Injury and Family Functioning: Adolescent and Parent Perspectives', Journal of marital and family therapy, vol. 42, pp. 536 - 549,

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