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Gao C; Li W; Jing L; Wang Z; Shi L; Sheng J; Wang L; Zhao Y; Fei W, 2023, 'Enhanced photovoltaic and piezo-photovoltaic effects in flexible oxide ferroelectric film directly coated on polyimide substrate', Nano Energy, 117,

Liu K; Rafique S; Musolino SF; Cai Z; Liu F; Li X; Yuan Y; Bao Q; Yang Y; Chu J; Peng X; Nie C; Yuan W; Zhang S; Wang J; Pan Y; Zhang H; Cai X; Shi Z; Li C; Wang H; Deng L; Hu T; Wang Y; Wang Y; Chen S; Shi L; Ayala P; Wulff JE; Yu A; Zhan Y, 2023, 'Covalent bonding strategy to enable non-volatile organic cation perovskite for highly stable and efficient solar cells', Joule, 7, pp. 1033 - 1050,

Liu X; Zheng B; Shi L; Zhou S; Xu J; Liu Z; Yun JS; Choi E; Zhang M; Lv Y; Zhang WH; Huang J; Li C; Sun K; Seidel J; He M; Peng J; Hao X; Green M, 2023, 'Perovskite solar cells based on spiro-OMeTAD stabilized with an alkylthiol additive', Nature Photonics, 17, pp. 96 - 105,

Hu L; Zhao Q; Huang S; Zheng J; Guan X; Patterson R; Kim J; Shi L; Lin C; Lei Q; Chu D; Tao W; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Ho-Baillie AWY; Luther JM; Yuan J; Wu T; Hu L; Wan T, 2021, 'Flexible and efficient perovskite quantum dot solar cells via hybrid interfacial architecture', Nature Communications, 12, pp. 466,

Chen H; Zhang M; Tran-Phu T; Bo R; Shi L; Di Bernardo I; Bing J; Pan J; Singh S; Lipton-Duffin J; Wu T; Amal R; Huang S; Ho-Baillie AWY; Tricoli A, 2021, 'Integrating Low-Cost Earth-Abundant Co-Catalysts with Encapsulated Perovskite Solar Cells for Efficient and Stable Overall Solar Water Splitting', Advanced Functional Materials, 31,

Shi L; Bucknall MP; Young TL; Zhang M; Hu L; Bing J; Lee DS; Kim J; Wu T; Takamure N; McKenzie DR; Huang S; Green MA; Ho-Baillie AWY, 2020, 'Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses of encapsulated stable perovskite solar cells', Science, 368,

Shi L; Zhang M; Cho Y; Young TL; Wang D; Yi H; Kim J; Huang S; Ho-Baillie AWY, 2019, 'Effect of Pressing Pressure on the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells', ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2, pp. 2358 - 2363,

Liu X; Shi L; Huang J; Liu Z; Zhang P; Yun JS; Soufiani AM; Seidel J; Sun K; Hameiri Z; Stride JA; Zhang Y; Green MA; Lin H; Hao X, 2019, 'Improvement of Cs-(FAPbI3)0.85(MAPbBr3)0.15 quality via DMSO-molecule-control to increase the efficiency and boost the long-term stability of 1 cm2 sized planar perovskite solar cells', Solar RRL, pp. 1800338 - 1800338,

Chen Z; Sun K; Su Z; Liu F; Tang D; Xiao H; Shi L; Jiang L; Hao X; Lai Y, 2018, 'Solution-Processed Trigonal Cu2BaSnS4 Thin-Film Solar Cells', ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1, pp. 3420 - 3427,

Liu X; Zhang Y; Shi L; Liu Z; Huang J; Yun JS; Zeng Y; Pu A; Sun K; Hameiri Z; Stride JA; Seidel J; Green MA; Hao X, 2018, 'Exploring inorganic binary alkaline halide to passivate defects in low-temperature-processed planar-structure hybrid perovskite solar cells', Advanced Energy Materials, 8, pp. 1800138 - 1800138,

Kim J; Yun JS; Cho Y; Lee DS; Wilkinson B; Soufiani AM; Deng X; Zheng J; Shi A; Lim S; Chen S; Hameiri Z; Zhang M; Lau CFJ; Huang S; Green MA; Ho-Baillie AWY; Mahboubi Soufiani A; Shi LA, 2017, 'Overcoming the challenges of large-area high-efficiency perovskite solar cells', ACS Energy Letters, 2, pp. 1978 - 1984,

Shi L; Young TL; Kim J; Sheng Y; Wang L; Chen Y; Feng Z; Keevers MJ; Hao X; Verlinden PJ; Green MA; Ho-Baillie AWY, 2017, 'Accelerated Lifetime Testing of Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells Encapsulated by Polyisobutylene', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9, pp. 25073 - 25081,

Conibeer G; Green MA; Konig D; Perez-Wurfl I; Huang S; Hao X; Di D; Shi L; Shrestha SK; Puthen Veettil B; So Y; Zhang B; Wan Z, 2011, 'Silicon quantum dot based solar cells: addressing the issues of doping, voltage and current transport', Progress in Photovoltaics: Res. Appl., 19, pp. 813 - 824,

Di D; Perez-Wurfl I; Gentle A; Kim DH; Hao X; Shi L; Conibeer G; Green MA, 2010, 'Impacts of Post-metallisation Processes on the Electrical and Photovoltaic Properties of Si Quantum Dot Solar Cells', Nanoscale research letters, 5, pp. 1762 - 1767,

Kunz O; Wong J; Walsh TM; Di D; Shi L; Aberle AG, 2008, 'Elimination of severe shunting problems due to air-side electrode formation on evaporated poly-Si thin-film solar cells on glass', Conference Record of the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference,

Inns D; Shi L; Aberle AG, 2008, 'Silica nanospheres as back surface reflectors for crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells', Progress in Photovoltaics, 16, pp. 187 - 194,

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