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Carson L, 2023, '‘Representational Irony’: Navigating Succession Planning in Youth Civil Society Organisations', Australian Feminist Studies, 37, pp. 334 - 346,

Hulicka A; Lucas P; Carson L, 2023, 'Policy transfer across governance systems: an adapted approach', Policy Studies, 44, pp. 4 - 25,

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Carson L; Althaus C; Sullivan H; van Wanrooy B, 2021, 'Implementation for impact—Measurement, partnership approaches, and storytelling', Australian Journal of Public Administration, 80, pp. 539 - 543,

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Williamson S; Carson L; Foley M, 2020, 'Representations of New Public Management in Australian Public Service gender equality policies', Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 39, pp. 235 - 250,

Tyler M; Carson L; Reynolds B, 2019, 'Are fire services ‘extremely gendered’ organizations? Examining the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Australia', Gender, Work & Organization, 26, pp. 1304 - 1323,

Malbon E; Carson L; Yates S, 2018, 'What can policymakers learn from feminist strategies to combine contextualised evidence with advocacy?', Palgrave Communications, 4,

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Carson L, 2018, 'Why youth and feminist activism matters: Insights from antinuclear campaigns in practice', Global Change, Peace and Security, 30, pp. 261 - 269,

Carson L, 2016, 'Pre-deployment ‘gender’ training and the lack thereof for Australian peacekeepers', Australian Journal Of International Affairs, 70, pp. 275 - 292,

Carson L; Edwards K, 2011, 'Prostitution and Sex Trafficking: What are the Problems Represented to Be? A Discursive Analysis of Law and Policy in Sweden and Victoria, Australia', Australian Feminist Law Journal, 34, pp. 63 - 87,

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