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Carson L, 2022, Victorian Election: The tide is changing with women on the run, ,

Carson L, 2022, Foregrounding marginalised voices on peace and security in Australia, ,

Carson L; Katsonis M; Grigsby K; Kariotis T, 2022, Digital leadership, diversity and imagination for public sector transformation, University of Melbourne, ,

Carson L, 2022, The tipping point for change in Australian politics, ,

Carson L, 2021, Learning to listen- relationality is key, ANZSOG, ,

Carson L, 2021, Australia and the World After Trump: a civil society perspective, ,

Carson L, 2019, Exploring the 'extremely gendered' culture of the Country Fire Authority, Australian & New Zealand School of Government, ,

Carson L, 2019, Why are some organisations so resistant to change?, Women's Policy Action Tank, ,

Carson L, 2018, Learning from feminist approaches to evidence based policy: The case of the Conflict Tactics Scale, ,

Carson L, 2018, Big questions surrounding gender equity in Academia & Public Administration, ,

Carson L, 2018, The Politics of the problem: How to use Carol Bacchi's work,, ,

Carson L, 2017, Increased openness from the field is continually needed to adapt, ,

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