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Carson L, 2022, Victorian Election: The tide is changing with women on the run,

Carson L, 2022, Foregrounding marginalised voices on peace and security in Australia,

Carson L; Katsonis M; Grigsby K; Kariotis T, 2022, Digital leadership, diversity and imagination for public sector transformation, University of Melbourne,,-diversity,-and-imagination-for-public-sector-transformation

Carson L, 2022, The tipping point for change in Australian politics,

Carson L, 2021, Learning to listen- relationality is key, ANZSOG,

Carson L, 2021, Australia and the World After Trump: a civil society perspective,

Carson L, 2019, Exploring the 'extremely gendered' culture of the Country Fire Authority, Australian & New Zealand School of Government, Australia,

Carson L, 2019, Why are some organisations so resistant to change?, Women's Policy Action Tank,

Carson L, 2018, Learning from feminist approaches to evidence based policy: The case of the Conflict Tactics Scale,

Carson L, 2018, Big questions surrounding gender equity in Academia & Public Administration,

Carson L, 2018, The Politics of the problem: How to use Carol Bacchi's work,,

Carson L, 2017, Increased openness from the field is continually needed to adapt,

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