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Rolfe MJ, 2017, 'The Populist Elements of Australian Political Satire and the Debt to the Americans and the Augustans', in Milner-Davis J (ed.), Satire and Politics The Interplay of Heritage and Practice, edn. PALGRAVE STUDIES IN COMEDY, Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 37 - 71,

Rolfe MJ, 2014, 'Looking backwards to the future: The evolving tradition of ideal political rhetoric in Australia', in Walter R; Uhr J (ed.), Studies in Australian Political Rhetoric, ANU Press, Acton, ACT, pp. 121 - 142,

Rolfe MJ, 2008, 'The Classic and Australian Culture Wars', in Morley I (ed.), Knowledge as Value: Illumination Through Critical Prisms, Rodopi, Amsterdam, pp. 149 - 166

Rolfe MJ, 2003, 'Antipodean Fordism: postwar americanisation down under.', in Wood JC (ed.), Henry Ford: Critical Evaluations in Business and Management, Volume 2, Taylor & Francis

Rolfe MJ, 1998, 'Suburbia', in Americanization and Australia, edn. Original, University of New South Wales, Sydney, pp. 61 - 80

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