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Journal articles

Khan IA; Keshk M; Pi D; Khan N; Hussain Y; Soliman H, 2022, 'Enhancing IIoT networks protection: A robust security model for attack detection in Internet Industrial Control Systems', Ad Hoc Networks, 134,

Ashraf J; Keshk M; Moustafa N; Abdel-Basset M; Khurshid H; Bakhshi AD; Mostafa RR, 2021, 'IoTBoT-IDS: A novel statistical learning-enabled botnet detection framework for protecting networks of smart cities', Sustainable Cities and Society, 72,

Moustafa N; Hassan M; Choo K-KR; Lynar T; Camtepe S; Whitty M, 2021, 'DAD: A Distributed Anomaly Detection system using ensemble one-class statistical learning in edge networks', Future Generation Computer Systems, 118, pp. 240 - 251,

Keshk M; Turnbull B; Sitnikova E; Vatsalan D; Moustafa N, 2021, 'Privacy-Preserving Schemes for Safeguarding Heterogeneous Data Sources in Cyber-Physical Systems', IEEE Access, 9, pp. 55077 - 55097,

Haider W; Moustafa N; Keshk M; Fernandez A; Choo KKR; Wahab A, 2020, 'FGMC-HADS: Fuzzy Gaussian mixture-based correntropy models for detecting zero-day attacks from linux systems', Computers and Security, 96,

Keshk M; Turnbull B; Moustafa N; Vatsalan D; Choo KKR, 2020, 'A Privacy-Preserving-Framework-Based Blockchain and Deep Learning for Protecting Smart Power Networks', IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 16, pp. 5110 - 5118,

Hassan M; Moustafa N; Sitnikova E; Turnbull B, 2018, 'Privacy-preserving big data analytics for cyber-physical systems', Wireless Networks,

Keshk M; Singh H; Abbass H, 2018, 'Automatic estimation of differential evolution parameters using Hidden Markov Models', Evolutionary Intelligence, 10, pp. 77 - 93,

Conference Papers

Masud MT; Keshk M; Moustafa N; Linkov I, 2023, 'An Explainable Intrusion Discovery Framework for Assessing Cyber Resilience in the Internet of Things Networks', in Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2023, Springer Nature, Vancouver, BC, Canada, pp. 199 - 215, presented at Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2023, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 19 October 2023,

Moustafa N; Hassan M; Debie E; Janicke H, 2020, 'Federated TON_IoT Windows Datasets for Evaluating AI-based Security Applications', in Wang GJ; Ko R; Bhuiyan MZA; Pan Y (eds.), Proceedings - 2020 IEEE 19th International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications, TrustCom 2020, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Guangzhou, China, pp. 848 - 855, presented at The 19th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications, Guangzhou, China, 31 December 2020 - 01 January 2021,

Hassan M; Moustafa N; Sitnikova E; Turnbull B; Vatsalan D, 2020, 'Privacy-Preserving Techniques for Protecting Large-Scale Data of Cyber-Physical Systems', Tokyo, Japan, presented at The 16th International Conference on Mobility, Sensing and Networking (MSN 2020), Tokyo, Japan, 19 December 2020

Hassan MM; Moustafa N; Sitnikova E; Creech G, 2017, 'Privacy Preservation Intrusion Detection Technique for SCADA Systems', Canberra, presented at MilCIS 2017 IEEE Stream, Canberra, 14 November 2017 - 16 November 2017

Moustafa N; Creech G; Sitnikova E; Hassan M, 2017, 'Collaborative Anomaly Detection Framework for handling Big Data of Cloud Computing', Canberra, Australia, presented at Military Communications and Information Systems Conference (MilCIS), Canberra, Australia, 13 November 2017 - 14 November 2017

Hassan MM, 2017, 'Semantic Evolutionary Visualization', Fukuoka, Japan, presented at The Eighth International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (ICSI’2017), Fukuoka, Japan, 27 July 2017 - 01 August 2017,

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