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Khan IA; Keshk M; Pi D; Khan N; Hussain Y; Soliman H, 2022, 'Enhancing IIoT networks protection: A robust security model for attack detection in Internet Industrial Control Systems', Ad Hoc Networks, 134,

Ashraf J; Keshk M; Moustafa N; Abdel-Basset M; Khurshid H; Bakhshi AD; Mostafa RR, 2021, 'IoTBoT-IDS: A novel statistical learning-enabled botnet detection framework for protecting networks of smart cities', Sustainable Cities and Society, 72,

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Keshk M; Turnbull B; Sitnikova E; Vatsalan D; Moustafa N, 2021, 'Privacy-Preserving Schemes for Safeguarding Heterogeneous Data Sources in Cyber-Physical Systems', IEEE Access, 9, pp. 55077 - 55097,

Haider W; Moustafa N; Keshk M; Fernandez A; Choo KKR; Wahab A, 2020, 'FGMC-HADS: Fuzzy Gaussian mixture-based correntropy models for detecting zero-day attacks from linux systems', Computers and Security, 96,

Keshk M; Turnbull B; Moustafa N; Vatsalan D; Choo KKR, 2020, 'A Privacy-Preserving-Framework-Based Blockchain and Deep Learning for Protecting Smart Power Networks', IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 16, pp. 5110 - 5118,

Hassan M; Moustafa N; Sitnikova E; Turnbull B, 2018, 'Privacy-preserving big data analytics for cyber-physical systems', Wireless Networks,

Keshk M; Singh H; Abbass H, 2018, 'Automatic estimation of differential evolution parameters using Hidden Markov Models', Evolutionary Intelligence, 10, pp. 77 - 93,

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