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Coleshill MJ; Aung E; Carland JE; Faasse K; Stocker S; Day RO, 2021, 'Rebranding Gout: Could a Name Change for Gout Improve Adherence to Urate-Lowering Therapy?', Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science, vol. 55, pp. 138 - 141,

Coleshill MJ; Sharpe L; Colagiuri B, 2021, 'No evidence that attentional bias towards pain-related words is associated with verbally induced nocebo hyperalgesia: a dot-probe study.', Pain Rep, vol. 6, pp. e921,

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Coleshill MJ; Aung E; Nguyen AD; Stocker SL; Baysari MT; Kamel B; Schulz M; McLachlan AJ; Day RO, 2019, 'Improving adherence to urate-lowering therapy in people living with gout', International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases, vol. 22, pp. 542 - 544,

Day RO; Lau W; Stocker SL; Aung E; Coleshill MJ; Schulz M; Bechara J; Carland JE; Graham GG; Williams KM; McLachlan AJ, 2019, 'Management of gout in older people', Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research, vol. 49, pp. 90 - 97,

Coleshill MJ; Sharpe L; Colloca L; Zachariae R; Colagiuri B, 2018, 'Placebo and Active Treatment Additivity in Placebo Analgesia: Research to Date and Future Directions', International Review of Neurobiology, vol. 139, pp. 407 - 441,

Coleshill MJ; George DN; Mazzoni G, 2017, 'Placebo Analgesia From a Rubber Hand', Journal of Pain, vol. 18, pp. 1067 - 1077,

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