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Swadling DS; Knott NA; Taylor MD; Rees MJ; Cadiou G; Davis AR, 2024, 'Consequences of Juvenile Fish Movement and Seascape Connectivity: Does the Concept of Nursery Habitat Need a Rethink?', Estuaries and Coasts, 47, pp. 607 - 621,

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Taylor MD; Langdon KA; Smith JA; Stevenson G; Edge K, 2024, 'Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins/furans and dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls in fish and crustaceans of a recreationally fished estuary, following targeted remediation', Science of the Total Environment, 921,

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Stoot LJ; Butler GL; Niella Y; Doran GS; Thiem JD; Taylor MD; Baumgartner LJ, 2024, 'Environmental Effects on the Seasonal Distribution of an Estuarine Species Neoarius graeffei in Northern New South Wales, Australia', Estuaries and Coasts, 47, pp. 229 - 243,

Vendl C; Taylor MD; Bräunig J; Ricolfi L; Ahmed R; Chin M; Gibson MJ; Hesselson D; Neely GG; Lagisz M; Nakagawa S, 2024, 'Profiling research on PFAS in wildlife: Systematic evidence map and bibliometric analysis', Ecological Solutions and Evidence, 5,

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Taylor MD, 2023, 'Perfluoroalkyl acid depuration from the edible tissues of a migratory recreationally fished species', Marine Pollution Bulletin, 196,

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Premachandra HKA; Becker A; Millard K; Johnston D; Subramanian S; Kumar M; Taylor M; Knibb W, 2023, 'Genomic analyses indicate two blue swimmer crab species in Australia, evidence for natural interspecific hybridization and genetic structure within species with implications for fisheries management and stock enhancement', Fisheries Research, 265,

Ochwada-Doyle FA; Miles N; Hughes JM; Murphy JJ; Stark KE; Lowry MB; West LD; Taylor MD, 2023, 'Interannual variation in a freshwater recreational fishery under the influence of drought, bushfires, floods and a global pandemic', Marine and Freshwater Research, 74, pp. 1102 - 1112,

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Hewitt DE; Niella Y; Johnson DD; Suthers IM; Taylor MD, 2022, 'Crabs Go With the Flow: Declining Conductivity and Cooler Temperatures Trigger Spawning Migrations for Female Giant Mud Crabs (Scylla serrata) in Subtropical Estuaries', Estuaries and Coasts, 45, pp. 2166 - 2180,

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Becker A; Lowry MB; Taylor MD, 2021, 'Receiver tilt: a scourge for aquatic telemetry or useful predictor variable', Animal Biotelemetry, 9,

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