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Book Chapters

Ingham J; Sands M; Piza M; O'Connell D, 2015, 'The Epidemiology of Death and Symptoms: Planning for Population-Based Palliative Care', in Cherny N; Fallon M; Kaasa S; Portenoy R; Currow D (ed.), Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine, edn. 5th, Oxford University Press,

Sands MB; Piza M; Ingham JM, 2010, '3.2 The epidemiology of the end-of-life experience', in Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine, Oxford University Press,

Sands M; Piza M; Ingham J, 2010, 'Oxford textbook of Palliative Medicine', in Oxford textbook of Palliative Medicine, edn. 4th, Oxfor University Press, Oxford, England

Piza M; Sands M; Ingham J, 2009, 'The Epidemiology of End of Life Experience', in Hanks G; Cherny NI; Christakis NA; Fallon M; Kaasa S; Portenoy RK (ed.), Oxford textbook of Palliative Medicine, edn. 4th, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England

Journal articles

Sands MB; Sharma S; Carpenter L; Hartshorn A; Lee JT; Lujic S; Congdon ME; Buchanan AM; Agar M; Vardy JL, 2021, '“SQiD, the Single Question in Delirium; can a single question help clinicians to detect delirium in hospitalised cancer patients?” running heading Single Question in Delirium” (Bcan-D-20-01665)', BMC Cancer, 21, pp. 75,

Watt CL; Scott M; Webber C; Sikora L; Bush SH; Kabir M; Boland JW; Woodhouse R; Sands MB; Lawlor PG, 2021, 'Delirium screening tools validated in the context of palliative care: A systematic review', Palliative Medicine, 35, pp. 683 - 696,

Sands MB; Norris C; Varndel W; Caplan G, 2013, 'ADVANCE CARE PLANNING WHO, WHEN AND WHERE. WHAT IS THE EVIDANCE TO SUPPORT THE CALL TO PLAN EARLY', BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 3, pp. 256.2 - 256,

Sands M; Dantoc B; Hartshorn A; Ryan C; Lujic S, 2010, 'Single Question in Delirium (SQiD): testing its efficacy against psychiatrist interview, the Confusion Assessment Method and the Memorial Delirium Assessment Scale', Palliative Medicine, 24, pp. 561 - 565,

Conference Papers

Sands MB; Sharma S; Carpenter L; Lee J; Congdon M; Buchanan A; Lujic S; Agar M; Vardy J, 2017, 'SQiD: Can a single question help clinicians identify delirium in people in hospital with cancer?', in PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY, WILEY, pp. 133 - 134,

Conference Abstracts

Sands MB; Wee I; Agar M; Vardy JL, 2022, 'The detection of delirium in admitted oncology patients: a scoping review', in European Geriatric Medicine, WILEY, Vol. 13, pp. 33 - 51,

Myat LL; Christiadi D; Stevens C; Kelleher MI; Chimombe S; Knagge D; Kang A; Endre Z; Sands M; Yong K, 2020, 'RENAL SUPPORTIVE CARE AT PRINCE OF WALES HOSPITAL: 5-YEAR EXPERIENCE', in NEPHROLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 25, pp. 27 - 28,


Hopkins T; Messum S; Deady L; Dimitri A; Soars L; Gallego-Luxan B; McKenzie D; Sands M, 2017, Advance Care Planning (ACP) for end stage respiratory patients identified using the Hospital One year Mortality Rating (HOMR) tool, European Respiratory Society,

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