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Young ND; Harris TJ; Evangelista M; Tran S; Wouters MA; Soares da Costa TP; Kershaw NJ; Gasser RB; Smith BJ; Lee EF; Fairlie WD, 2020, 'Diversity in the intrinsic apoptosis pathway of nematodes', Communications Biology, 3,

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Li Y; Wang W; Wang T; Wouters MA; Yin Y; Jiao Z; Ma L; Zhang F, 2019, 'Regulation through MicroRNAs in Response to Low-Energy N + Ion Irradiation in Oryza sativa', Radiation Research, 191, pp. 189 - 200,

Haworth NL; Wouters MJ; Hunter MO; Ma L; Wouters MA, 2019, 'Cross-strand disulfides in the hydrogen bonding site of antiparallel β-sheet (aCSDhs): Forbidden disulfides that are highly strained, easily broken', Protein Science, 28, pp. 239 - 256,

Eissmann MF; Dijkstra C; Wouters MA; Baloyan D; Mouradov D; Nguyen PM; Davalos-Salas M; Putoczki TL; Sieber OM; Mariadason JM; Ernst M; Masson F, 2018, 'Interleukin 33 signaling restrains sporadic colon cancer in an interferon-g–dependent manner', Cancer Immunology Research, 6, pp. 409 - 421,

Mohanasundaram KA; Grover MP; Crowley TM; Goscinski A; Wouters MA, 2017, 'Mapping genotype–phenotype associations of nsSNPs in coiled-coil oligomerization domains of the human proteome', Human Mutation, 38, pp. 1378 - 1393,

Haworth NL; Wouters MA, 2015, 'Cross-strand disulfides in the non-hydrogen bonding site of antiparallel β-sheet (aCSDns): poised for biological switching', RSC Advances, 5, pp. 86303 - 86321,

Bouveret R; Waardenberg AJ; Schonrock N; Ramialison M; Doan T; de jong D; Bondue A; Kaur G; Mohamed S; Fonoudi H; Chen CM; Wouters MA; Bhattacharya S; Plachta N; Dunwoodie SL; Chapman G; Blanpain C; Harvey RP, 2015, 'NKX2-5 mutations causative for congenital heart disease retain functionality and are directed to hundreds of targets', eLife, 4, pp. e06942,

Mohanasundaram KA; Haworth NL; Grover MP; Crowley TM; Goscinski A; Wouters MA, 2015, 'Potential role of glutathione in evolution of thiol-based redox signaling sites in proteins', Frontiers in Pharmacology, 6,

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Haworth NL; Wouters MA, 2013, 'Between-strand disulfides: Forbidden disulfides linking adjacent β-strands', RSC Advances, 3, pp. 24680 - 24705,

Ballouz S; Liu JY; George RA; Bains N; Liu A; Oti M; Gaeta B; Fatkin D; Wouters MA, 2013, 'Gentrepid V2.0: A web server for candidate disease gene prediction', BMC Bioinformatics, 14, pp. 249,

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